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What is roof lifting?

The process of lifting the roof of a structure from a building that has low clearance. Raising a roof is an effective and efficient solution for older existing properties with ceiling height that is obsolete and untenable.

We at Avalon Steel Projects and Construction transform low-roof buildings into high-clearance structures for storage, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

Benefits of roof lifting

Roof lifting can be done to almost any building

The space above a building is almost always available and with small changes to the structure, a roof lifting process can take place

Lower cost and quicker completion

Opting for a roof lift can reduce construction and development costs. This also includes increased tax expenses associated with new construction. Most of the time, roof lifting projects are considered renovation or remodelling projects. Hence the time frame for the conversion is faster than traditional construction.

Better construction alternative

Companies can also minimize regulations and zoning restrictions with roof lift projects. Therefore, landlords can attract tenants; buyers can improve their acquisitions and brokers can expand the marketability of existing industrial buildings. Furthermore, industrial manufacturers and warehouse users can avoid the relocation of their premises. Likewise, by eliminating the need for additional real estate, they can forego land and parking requirements and reduce the environmental impact. Thus, they can maintain the existing footprint of their building while boosting its capacity.

Repurpose existing structures

Raising the height of a roof structure allows companies to repurpose or convert existing buildings. In addition, by maximizing cubic space, they can construct modern high-output facilities and create high-value assets. Equally important, such a roof lift project offers multiple creative opportunities for adaptive reuse.

How do we do roof lifting?

We at Avalon Steel Projects use a series of systems for roof lifting. This includes a series of temporary hydraulics that are extendable to any reasonable height. Each of these posts contains bottled sections. The bottom of these posts contains a frame that is able to hold a 25-ton capacity hydraulic jack which helps us to push the post upward and then allows for new sections to be added as the lifting progresses. This helps to accommodate any clear height without the additional cost involved in moving the lift mechanism up the column and welding on additional steel.

We at Avalon Steel Projects and Construction ensure the safety of our workers by doing all our hydraulic work on ground level.

Contact Avalon Steel Projects for your Construction needs

The lifting of roofs is a relatively simple yet crucial process. This process requires utmost care and precision to make the steel roof structure durable and functional. We specialise in roof lifting and steel structures and the design thereof, with over 60 years of experience. Click here for related articles. We are well-versed in all things construction and strive to deliver quality work to the best of our ability. Give us a call on 082 561 4629 or additionally email us at

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