Mezzanine Flooring

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between the main floors, or between the ground floor and the roof of a building. This could be used to create additional work or storage space.

Our mezzanines are semi-permanent which means they can be relocated at a later stage. One advantage of using Stimber long span beams is that fewer, if any, vertical supports are required thus increasing the clear space beneath the mezzanine. Another advantage is speed of erection resulting in less disruption to normal activities.

Need more space?

Need more space, but don’t want the hassle – or cost – of moving? We specialise in the cost-effective configuration, fabrication, and installation of mezzanine floors – intermediate floors safely installed between two main floors – or between a building’s ground floor and roof. Our mezzanine floors are engineer-designed (accounting for column positioning, floor level, and loading capacity) and professionally installed to create additional, customised space for work or storage needs.

Avalon Steel Projects’ mezzanine floors are semi-permanent, meaning our teams can dismantle and relocate them, if ever required.

Another advantage of our patented STIMBER lightweight lattice beam system in this application is that they offer greater versatility in column configuration, because the beams span further than conventional steel joists. This effectively increases available space beneath the new mezzanine floor. Since our system is easily and simply installed by our professional work teams, disruption to your work environment is minimised.

A professional staff member will meet with you to determine your needs and specifications, and our trained fabricators create the modular system that best suits your environment.

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