Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between the main floors, or between the ground floor and the roof of a building. This could be used to create additional work or storage space.

Our mezzanines are semi-permanent which means they can be relocated at a later stage. One advantage of using Stimber long span beams is that fewer, if any, vertical supports are required thus increasing the clear space beneath the mezzanine. Another advantage is speed of erection resulting in less disruption to normal activities.

Featured Projects

Danny’s Automotive

Mezzanine Floor

A 1400m2 Mezzanine floor had to be installed with minimal disruption to ongoing works. The lighting was fitted to the steelwork prior to installing the decking media, to ensure continued visibility in the workspace below.

Portable Shade

Mezzanine Floor

This 408m2 Mezzanine had to be installed over a weekend so as not to disturb work shifts. There was limited space for columns beneath the mezzanine so the Stimber long span beams were used for achieving the required span of 8m.

Yokohama Warehouse

Mezzanine Floor

This warehouse was already fully stocked with truck tyres that could not be removed as it would be too disruptive. We erected a 700m2 Mezzanine over the already packed warehouse floor solving a major space problem for our client.

Pan African Shopfitters

Mezzanine Floor

500m2 of Mezzanine floor space was erected in a 750m2 warehouse, adding almost 70% to the original floor area. This mezzanine was designed to carry 500kg per m2.

Galleries & Balconies

We also specialize in galleries or balconies. We have done numerous projects all over South Africa since 2001. This service is necessary when additional seating is required in auditoria, arenas, stadia, places of worship etc. Our design team does a complete survey of the building to establish maximum seating efficiency with the least disturbance to existing seating configuration, while determining the optimum rake angle to achieve ultimate line of sight between audience and speaker.

Featured Projects

Good Hope Christian Centre (Cape Town)

Church Gallery / Auditorium

The installation of a U-shaped gallery increased this church’s seating capacity by approximately 1500 seats.

New Covenant Fellowship (Durban)

Church Gallery / Auditorium

This U-shaped gallery added close to 1500 extra seats to the church’s auditorium.

NBCFC (Johannesburg)

Church Gallery

We were faced with the challenge of adding more than 300 additional seats to an existing building with a limited ceiling height.

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