Houseboats For Africa

The way Avalon Steel Projects constructs houseboats sets us above and beyond our competition, offering impressive houseboats for sale in South Africa.

The conventional method involves factory-fabrication of the vessel, with the completed unit transported to the water. This method is problematic – a complete vessel, fifty metres by twelve and three storeys high, moved overland to a lake “somewhere in Africa” will invariably have issues.

We revolutionised the industry by building houseboats as a modular system. We safely complete the bulk of construction at our factory. We meet with the client to firmly establish all requirements, and then appoint the appropriate professionals – naval architect, marine engineers etc. – to initiate the certified houseboats design process for items such as propulsion, displacement, stability, and cabin configuration.               

Avalon Steel Project’s houseboats are ideally suited for Africa’s great lakes and dams. We manufacture, ship and assemble a 100-ton vessel within four to eight months. We complete the finishing process at the end destination and ensure that all vessels meet the necessary local country safety legislations.

You can rely on our experience.

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