Roof Lifting is Easily Affordable and Accessible with Avalon Steel Projects

Business and commercial properties come at a premium. Purchasing additional space for additional operating or storage space can put a huge dent in your budget. To avoid this, it is necessary to think outside the box. Roof lifting is a great alternative to buying an additional property. Why is this so? Lifting your building’s roof provides you with the extra space you need, giving you more storage ability and additional operational capacity that also increases the value of your building.

Over the past two decades, there have been many changes to the way industrial buildings and warehouses are built and altered in South Africa. One of the most useful developments in this area has been the ability to lift the roof height of a building and increase the capacity of the existing structure. In fact, roof lifting has the ability to increase the height of a building up to 7,3 m. Thanks to new advances in storage racking, a sophisticated high-rack system can be installed in a virtually fully automated way.

Mezzanine Floors as a Consequence of Roof Lifting

Another popular reason behind roof lifting is property owners’ desire to install mezzanine floors in their buildings. With that additional 7,3 m of height, you can add a mezzanine floor to the building and virtually double your available floor space overnight. Roof lifting is an incredibly cost-effective way of increasing the value of a property, and it is both practical and useful at the same time.

Oftentimes, buildings with roofs that are too low are problematic to sell, or will not fetch as much as the property is really worth. Simply increasing the roof height will inevitably suit any storage or industrial purpose better, while also adding considerable value to the building. Why should you opt for a roof lifting solution?

– No need to build additional buildings;

– No need to purchase additional properties;

– Uses the existing structure – more environmentally friendly; and

– Includes any functional aspects of the roof, including sprinkler systems and illumination.

How is Roof Lifting Accomplished?

Raising a roof requires a lot of expertise and the required equipment. The roof is detached from the building and raised up on a jacking machine or by crane, which lifts and distributes the weight evenly throughout the lifting process. This prevents any stress from the building from being transferred to the structure, which could cause it to become distorted or damaged.

A roof can also be lifted by 20 cm, or up to several storeys. Once the roof lift is in place, the building can be further built up to the required height, and the roof is then lowered and attached to the building again. The cost of the roof lifting is usually influenced by the shape of the roof, and by how much it has to be raised. Any other peripheral work that is required to the roof to increase its functionality is also considered. Contact us to discuss your roof lifting requirements in greater detail, and for the advice needed to make an informed decision.


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