Roof Lifting

Avalon Steel Projects has developed a roof-raising system whereby we jack an entire steel roof structure when there is not enough height for storage or where a mezzanine floor is required.

We raise the roof of a building without dismantling the roof structure e.g. in malls, factories, warehouses etc. Our roof lifting technology is faster and more cost effective than any other construction alternative.

Featured Projects

Brooklyn Mall

Roof Lifting

An entire 2600m2 section of a shopping centre roof was raised by 3.8m to accommodate an extra floor level for offices. This operation was completed in under 5 weeks.


Roof Lifting

1100m2 of existing ‘saw-tooth’ roof was raised by 4.3m to create space for the installation of an overhead crane. This was done without disrupting any on going production.

York Timbers

Roof Lifting

We raised approximately 1300m2 of an existing roof by 5m to accommodate the installation of new machinery. By eliminating the need to dismantle and re-erect the roof we reduced the completion time to just 3 weeks.

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