About Avalon Steel

Our Services are Our Strength.

Our services are seamlessly integrated into the products we supply.

Mission Vision

From our beginnings in 2001, we ensured we remain current with structural steel design and the latest construction methods. Because we know construction is more than simply bricks and mortar, we integrate modern equipment into solutions that deliver you a better result.

Core values

Our core values are committed customer focus, integrity, and safety. We apply excellence to all we do, building a future based on trustworthiness and cooperation as one of the leading steel fabrication companies in South Africa.


Our personnel – machine operators, boiler makers, welders, painters, drivers, mechanics, administration staff, and general workers – are respected in the steel fabrication industry. They successfully combine experience and integrity. We vet and train them for competence, loyalty, and professionalism.

Avalon Steel Projects is a family business with approximately 60 years combined experience in the steel manufacturing and construction industry.

Over the years we have been able to work with various large organisations and we have subsequently established ourselves as a reliable service provider in the market place. Our skilled team design, manufacture and erect of all types of structural steel. We have the ability to deliver quality products and constant, innovative development.

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Let’s talk about the ideal Avalon Steel Projects’ solution to your construction needs.

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+27(0)82 561 4629

2 Van Der Walt Street, Rayton, Pretoria


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