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Avalon Steel Projects is a family business with approximately 60 years combined experience in the steel manufacturing and construction industry.

Over the years we have been able to work with various large organisations and we have subsequently established ourselves as a reliable service provider in the market place. Our skilled team design, manufacture and erect of all types of structural steel. We have the ability to deliver quality products and constant, innovative development.

Featured Projects

York Timbers

Roof Lift

We raised approximately 300sq.m. of roof by 2,5m to accommodate the installation of new machinery. By eliminating the need to dismantle and re-erect the roof we reduced the completion time of this project to just two weeks.

Rivers Church

Domed Roof

This magnificent structure was designed, fabricated and erected by the Avalon team. The long-spanning dome covers approximately 6000sq.m. without internal columns. This masterpiece was erected atop the fourth floor of a building, entirely without the use of a crane.

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