Investing In a Mezzanine Floor

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Why You Should Invest in a Mezzanine Floor


A mezzanine floor is a semi-permanent intermediate level and is a popular addition to many offices and factories that are in need of additional space. As a business grows and develops, you can quickly outgrow your current premises. However, moving office blocks or factories is much easier said than done, not to mention an oftentimes expensive feat. When you add up moving costs, new rental deposits or transfer fees, and the money lost when closing your business for a week or two while setting up the new operation; it becomes a costly endeavour. It is one that some businesses simply cannot afford, especially in these challenging economic times when every penny counts.

This is where a mezzanine flooring solution can offer some respite – both in terms of finances and in terms of your time. It gives you the opportunity to expand your current building without having to fork out a fortune on hefty moving costs. Mezzanine floors make the most of unused vertical space and enable you to erect an intermediate level in your already existing space. This extra level can be utilised for a number of different uses, including extra offices, storage space, a relaxation area for staff, boardrooms, a cafeteria, and more. Some of the benefits of a mezzanine flooring solution thus include:

  • Saving you moving fees, transfer costs, rental deposits, and lost revenue that results from closed business operations
  • Flexibility thanks to their semi-permanent nature and can thus be dismantled and reinstalled if you ever decide to move
  • Makes the most of vertical space, and therefore, no wasted space
  • Cheaper than permanent construction
  • Hassle-free space solution thanks to quick installation times and minimal disruption to business operations
  • Stylish finish and the ability for clients to choose their preferred look. Choose from open-plan areas, sound-proof walls, sleek finishes, or an exposed finish

Why Choose Mezzanine Floors from Avalon Steel Projects?

Avalon Steel Projects is a family run business with over 60 years of experience in construction and steel manufacturing. We pride ourselves on honesty, reliability, and quality craftsmanship and installation. Our highly skilled team have specialised in a number of areas, including designing, manufacturing, and installing structural steel. We are also able to erect mezzanine floors over weekends for ultimate convenience and this means that business operations can go on as usual while your intermediate level is erected.

If you have a steel or construction project in mind, no matter how big or how small, then it is time to get in touch with us here. We will happily chat with you about your various needs and create a solution that best suits your unique needs, budget, and space. If a mezzanine floor is what you are looking for, then we will gladly chat with you about the best solution for your office or building. We can also offer insight on design, best uses, and more. We look forward to working with you today and helping you to make the most of your space.


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