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Adding a Mezzanine Level to Your Home

A mezzanine level, also known as an intermediate floor, is a popular type of infrastructure in warehouse and commercial settings. However, these partial floors are also popular in residential homes. Mezzanine levels allow homeowners to maximise their space and offer a tremendous amount of versatility to any abode. Since they enhance existing areas using empty vertical space, they can also add more excellent resale value to a home by improving its capacity and potential.

Nonetheless, when adding a mezzanine level to your home, you will want to consider the following points before taking the leap.

3 Points to consider before adding Mezzanine Level to your home

1) Is it Architecturally Viable?

The thought of additional space will usually make any homeowner beam. Most of us could do with an extra room (or two), especially in the digital age when many of us are now working from home. The first thing homeowners need to consider before installing a mezzanine level is whether it is architecturally viable. This is where you’ll need to get the experts in, like the team at Avalon Steel Projects. We will analyse the space, explore party wall agreements if you live in a semi-detached property, and make sure that the additional level complies with all building regulations. We will also examine the structure of your home to ensure that supporting walls can carry the weight of the mezzanine. To ensure ultimate safety and success, we might also need to modify the roof or ceiling for optimum installation.

2) Considering the Style and Purpose

When it comes to deciding the style of your mezzanine, the world is your oyster. While some people love the more industrial feel and enjoy the integration of metal with their existing aesthetic, others prefer a softer finish. When choosing your additional level, you will need to get creative and decide what type of look and feel you want. This will include the flooring of your choice, the type of rails and beams used, and the choice of colour. Mezzanines can make for fantastic gallery rooms, adding an air of drama and intrigue to any room. When meeting with the designers, consider the look and feel of the room you want to create. You will also want to think about the uses for the extra space. Will it be an entertaining room for guests? A light and bright office space? An extra bedroom? There are many uses for these levels, allowing you to embrace your creative side truly.

3) Safety Features

You will also need to chat with the designers about safety features. Since these levels are elevated, it is imperative that safety rails are installed. You might also wish to include smoke alarms or pallet gates. If you have small children or pets, you might add additional precautionary measures to ensure ultimate safety.

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