Why mezzanine flooring is the perfect solution

8 Incredible Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring provides the perfect solution for space problems in warehouses, office buildings, residential homes, and retail spaces. An increasing number of factories, warehouses, and retail spaces now feature additional floor space because it is a cost-effective flooring solution. As awareness spreads regarding the countless benefits of additional floor space that can be created without having to build extra storeys through the conventional brick-and-mortar method, more and more places now feature mezzanine floors.

If a lack of space creates clutter in your commercial building or warehouse, consider how you can gain more storage and usable floor space without the expensive redesign and renovation of your factory, warehouse, office building, or retail store. Read on to discover how this flooring solution can help you to overcome floor space issues. Benefits include:

Quick and Effortless Increase of Available Space

Add additional floor space without the need to first submit building plans for approval. The structure is semi-permanent. Because it is not constructed from brick and mortar with added weight on the infrastructure, there is no need to go through lengthy approval processes.

Semi-Permanent and Removable

The mezzanine flooring can be removed and taken to another building if so desired. Of course, some customisation may be required to fit the new building.

Cost-Effective Means to Expand Floor Space

The cost of constructing a mezzanine level is far less than having to build an additional building.

Lower Electricity Costs

If you construct another building, you have to factor in the heating and cooling of the space. This adds to the electricity bill. With mezzanine flooring, the same heating and cooling systems that were used before are sufficient to ensure adequate heating and cooling of the extra floor space.

Create More Usable Space

Vertical creation of more space provides a means to get more storage or shopping space within a short period. With rental prices calculated per square metre, you save a considerable amount on rental with the solution since you don’t pay for more floor space as a tenant. As a landlord, you can also increase floor space. You thus gain square metres that can be rented by the tenant at a fraction of the cost associated with adding to your shopping mall or industrial property. In this way, you can keep an anchor tenant in need of more space.

Aesthetic Appeal

The structure is aesthetically appealing and thus adds value to the interior of your warehouse, factory, office building, or retail centre.

Avoid Urban Sprawling

Reduce your company’s environmental footprint by limiting the use of land. This is possible with the addition of a mezzanine floor.

Create Valuable Floor Space

Use the extra space to store products or create an exhibition area within a factory or retail store. Use it as an area for demonstrations of products or utilise it as a training area. Through mezzanine flooring, you can add a relaxation area for employees in the factory or add a coffee shop or restaurant. Create a sales meeting area or add an office component to the warehouse or factory. The options are endless.

Get in touch for more information on how we can help you to increase available space in your building through our cost-effective mezzanine flooring solutions.

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Why get a Mezzanine as a Space Solution?

Mezzanines are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces to create additional usable floor area without the need for a full-scale expansion or construction of a new building.

Key Points on Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor or a raised platform, is a semi-permanent structure that creates an additional level between the existing floor and the ceiling of a building

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Avalon Steel projects is a frontrunner in the mezzanine industry. We believe that we can equip you with a floor space like never before, you will have extra space to use as storage, office, or retail space.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

This is a free-standing structure that is made from steel. The purpose of a mezzanine is to act as an intermediate floor between the base and the ceiling of a building. In particular, this usually covers one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the...
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