Top Reasons to Install a Mezzanine Floor in Your Warehouse

A mezzanine is a floor surface area between two main storeys in a building. It can also be the section of the surface between the ground and the building’s roof. So, why is this type of platform trending in industrial architecture, and why should you install it in your warehouse or industrial building?

Although many benefits can be realised, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular reasons for the installation of mezzanines in warehouses. The information may help you to decide whether or not to join other property owners who have maximised available space through the addition of platforms to their buildings. Here are some of the reasons why people opt for this flooring.

Mezzanine Floor Levels

They Add Storage Space

Since space costs money in terms of rent per square metre, every extra square metre rented means higher overheads. Even if your firm owns the property, having to add more surface space means a larger building footprint and thus additional costs. But you can create additional storage space without taking up more ground surface. Simply add a mezzanine that makes it possible to utilise the vertical open space, which would otherwise not be used. With such, you benefit from the extra platform where more items can be placed or stored.

Fast and Efficient Construction

With such flooring often not considered as a permanent structure, you don’t have to go through any lengthy building and planning approval steps. The construction of the surface is done by our professional team. We have structural engineering expertise and provide high-quality materials. Our structures meet every safety and structural strength requirement in the book. We can install the platform without major interruptions of your business operations.

Affordable Means to Add Office Space

When compared with brick and mortar additions to a warehouse, the mezzanine floor wins in terms of speed of construction and removal, cost of construction, and the lower cost of maintenance. If you want an economical option for adding more space to the warehouse, consider the addition of a mezzanine floor.

Durable and Safe

Because the platform is made from materials that meet strict quality and structural integrity requirements, you already have the assurance of safety and durability. The construction process is also completed in compliance with strict building and architectural standard requirements. The addition of safety features such as handrails, non-slip surfaces, and lights to the areas further improve the safety and functionality of such platforms.

Semi-Permanent for Relocation

If your firm rents warehouse space, you will appreciate the semi-permanent nature of the mezzanine structure. The floor surface is lightweight as opposed to concrete flooring. It can be taken down and moved to a new location if needed. If you thus want to relocate the warehouse operations at a later stage, you can relocate the platform to the new premises.

Versatile Applications

The platforms can be used to add storage space, office areas, showroom facilities, lunch-hour recreation areas, and more. The possibilities are endless, helping to get more value from unused vertical space.

Get in touch for more information about the available mezzanine floor options. We offer customisation options and affordable pricing, making it possible to expand your warehouse space and business operations with sturdy platforms.

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