Mezzanine floors are commonly installed in facilities that require extra space. These structures can deliver a feasible solution and create space for storage, additional offices, and more. Relocating to a larger facility is always a hassle, especially when dealing with the logistics of such a move. Luckily, we can assist you in creating the necessary space in your current space by installing mezzanine floors.

Many industrial facilities favour the open-floor design of a warehouse building. This design eliminates the need for any vertical support systems to keep the roof in place and thus there is often unused vertical space. This vast and open vertical space offers an array of possibilities when it comes to adding an extra level. Inevitably, as your business grows, the time will come when you run out of space. This is where we can assist by installing a mezzanine level in your facility.


The Benefits

When installing mezzanine floors, the sky is the limit regarding size and location. In a warehouse, you can utilise the available vertical space to install an entirely new level in your facility. That new level can be used in any way you deem fit. It could support temporary offices and workbenches or could be used for storage and filing. No matter how you use the newly created area, you will avoid any reason for a relocation due to a lack of space. This flooring option thus saves time, money, and all the hassle that a move entails.

Another benefit of installing mezzanine floors is that the structure is semi-permanent. As is the case with a drywall, an intermediate level can simply be moved or dismantled once it has served its purpose. If the structure is working at the currently installed position, it can remain there as well. One of the biggest concerns for prospective clients is that such an arrangement will hinder the available space below it. Luckily, our structures do not impede the space directly below it. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that your ground level can operate in similar ways that it did before.

Apart from installing mezzanine floors, we also specialise in custom steel structures. Therefore, if your facility has a low roof, we can lift the roof to create the necessary vertical space for an additional intermediate level. Forget about searching for an appropriate facility to relocate to when you need more space. Rather than spending precious time, money, and logistics on such a move, lift the roof on your current facility. As a result, you can utilise more space in your existing setup and take advantage of the semi-permanent nature of intermediate levels to find a layout that suits your needs.

Avalon Steel Projects is your solution to creating more space in your warehouse facility. We can fit mezzanine floors and lift the roof to create more vertical space. If you’re interested in learning about the endless benefits that our flooring systems offer, give us a call today. We pride ourselves on offering practical solutions to your space-related needs, and we’re excited to help you make the most of your business today. We’ll help you to create the necessary room that is needed to make your facility flourish.

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