Mezzanine Floor

The Perks of a Mezzanine Floor for Your Business


Feel like you are running out of space? Is your office becoming a little cramped? Do not want to hire self-storage to keep all your stock and equipment? A growing business often needs a bigger space to cater to additional production and storage space, and of course, additional staff. If your business is reaching the stage where extra space is needed, it is important to know what your options are. For some, moving might seem like the only logical option. It is not! You can avoid the cost of a move and the inconvenience that it imposes on your staff and customers. How? By installing a mezzanine floor.


Constructing a mezzanine floor is a great alternative to paying the high costs of relocation. It also provides a quick and easy way to add extra floor space. In terms of space-making, it is the perfect solution. If your business location has been working so far, there is no real need to move (if you expand with a mezzanine floor).


Mezzanine Floors Are Not Permanent


Mezzanine floors are often overlooked, as large companies opt for construction work. Understand that construction is permanent, whereas a mezzanine floor is not. It is a second floor, or partial second floor that adds additional space that is sturdy and durable. These floors are most often installed in warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, office buildings, retail offices, and production offices.


If you are renting a building and property for your business operations, you probably will not be allowed to make permanent alterations to the premises without permission from the landlord. On a rental property, this request is usually denied. With a mezzanine floor, however, the situation is quite different. This is because it can be removed at any time, and there is no damage to the building when it is installed.


What Are the Benefits?


Of course, many of the benefits of mezzanine floors are obvious, while others are not. Some of the benefits that your business can expect when installing a mezzanine floor include the following:


  • Quick and easy installation that requires no prior authorisation.
  • Versatile additional space is created that is ideal for office space, storage space, and production space.
  • Additional space can be created without incurring a high cost (mezzanine floors are affordable).
  • A mezzanine floor adds value to the property, and can therefore be considered an asset.
  • The floor can be removed at any time and used again at a new location.


Choose Your Mezzanine Floor Supplier Wisely


Of course, like all products on the market, not all mezzanine floors are the same. It is important to seek out a supplier with quality products, as well as an installer who has the expertise to do the installation correctly and safely.


Tired of struggling with space issues? Do not want to move to a new location? We can help! Talk to us about installing a mezzanine floor. You can give us a call or send us an email for more information and advice today.



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