The Steel Train

Looking back into the pages of history, we find that people used many kinds of different material for construction – with wood and stone being at the top of the list. In the medieval times, people mostly used stone for the castles they lived in, while the more common folk used wood to construct their homes. Although some of these castles are still standing today, something came out of that age that is still in use as an excellent construction material – steel.

A Brief History of Steel

With blacksmithing and metalworking becoming a popular trade in those days, steel evolved into the most versatile and successful material to be used in the modern age. You can look at any steel structure in SA to see the absolute brilliance behind its possible engineering designs, and how steel has become irreplaceable in the construction industry of the day. The engineering sector of the 20th century never expected steel to be at the forefront of any structure, as it proved to be very difficult to shape and transport, but it did not stop anybody from using this promising material. From the earliest Ford Model T, steel was used in constructing a car, as it is still the case in the brand-new Fiesta.

Breaking away from transportation, the construction industry saw the benefits of using steel in their projects, and the introduction of proper steel structures in SA soon followed. If you find yourself in the big cities, you can throw a stone in any direction, with a sure guarantee of hitting a steel structure, whether it is a sky-scraper, a cellphone tower, or a shopping mall.

Due to the commonly known fact that South Africa had some of the best engineers in the world in the latter half of the 20th century, we can look back at the amazing engineering feats accomplished with steel during those golden years of engineering. Heading back to the future that is today, we find that computers, and the engineers using them, can create magic with any steel structure in SA – whether these are new schematics or plans to upgrade existing structures.

Sometimes, these steel structures are pre-built to ensure fast and easy installation, as can be the case when smaller structures are designed. Even though it might seem a little unorthodox to construct something remotely of the intended site, it saves time and guarantees a strong and properly built project in the end.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we can design and manufacture most steel structures in SA for you. Whether you need a prefabricated design, or something unique, we will deliver on all fronts. We can supply and manage the complete installation of any pre-manufactured building project to ensure that everything goes to plan. With storage facilities, industrial plants, and shopping centres already on our list of successful projects, we can deliver the highest quality in any steel structure in SA for your next construction project.

Contact us today for any information, and rest assured that we can take care of business regarding anything involving proper steel structures in and around South Africa!

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