Top Reasons to Install Steel Mezzanine Floors in Warehouses


While business expansion is certainly progress in terms of gaining a larger market share, it does come with added space needs. Unfortunately, extra space costs money. When more space is needed, a business has the options of moving premises, renting or buying an extra building, or installing steel mezzanine floors.

The first two options are costly. Moving the contents of an entire warehouse can run into hundreds of thousands and even millions of rands. Business interruption is also a given. The second option of renting a new building may be less expensive since the current warehouse can be used for the existing product line and the new space for other stock or operations. However, it comes with monthly expenses such as added:

  • Security
  • Electricity
  • Rental
  • Insurance
  • HVAC
  • Access control
  • Equipment

The third option of installing one or more steel mezzanine floors is cost-effective. Instead of renting more space with all the extra costs or having to move operations, you can add as much as 70% extra floor space. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Several applications: You utilise the unused vertical space for storage, offices, meeting rooms, a restaurant, recreational facilities, or any other application for which you will normally need to rent floor space.
  • Same energy and circulation: Utilise the current electricity network with a few changes to ensure optimal lights and air-flow.
  • Minimal disruption: A business move can cause days or even months of interruptions that equal financial losses. With the installation of steel mezzanine floors, the entire project can be completed within a weekend or a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.
  • Removable structures: Steel mezzanine floors are semi-permanent, and can thus be removed later without incurring hefty costs. Indeed, the structures can be moved to another building or even sold.
  • Low maintenance: The structures don’t require the extensive maintenance associated with brick and mortar buildings.
  • Improve safety: Consider how much vertical space goes to waste in the warehouse. True, shelves can be high, but such also come with safety risks. By installing steel mezzanine floors, it is possible to add more shelves rather than add to the height of the shelves. This creates a safer work environment.
  • Eco-friendly means to expand: Not having to purchase or rent more ground space, means you can expand business operations without adding more pressure to the environment. In a society where sustainable business operations have become important, you can expand your operations while also improving your company’s sustainability profile.
  • Improve logistical effectiveness: More operations under one roof certainly help to reduce logistical issues. Conveyors, escalators, lifts, and stairs can be used to connect the various components in one warehouse. Operation efficiency is thus improved through the installation of steel mezzanine floors.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Floor to ceiling height: If not high enough, we can lift the roof.
  • Purpose: What do you want to use the space for?
  • Accessibility: How to get products to and from the upper floors?
  • Design: Light fixtures, flooring, and aesthetics.

Fortunately, our professional team has the experience, know-how and equipment to assess the mentioned factors to ensure the installation of steel mezzanine floors that will meet your particular requirements. View our range of services and get in touch to discuss your space needs.

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