Steel mezzanine floor myths busted

The Truth About Steel Mezzanine Floors: Myths Busted

Although you need extra space for storage, employee relaxation, training, or an office component, you may not have considered the installation of a steel mezzanine floor. Maybe you don’t know how cost-effective this solution is, or perhaps you think that you will need special building plans to install such a surface.

Read on to discover myths and truths about steel mezzanine floors, and you will soon realise how your business can benefit from the creation of more operational space.

Myth 1: Mezzanine Floors It Won’t Work For Every Business

While the roof of your building may be too low at present to allow for the installation of a steel mezzanine floor, this doesn’t mean that an extra level isn’t possible. We can also lift roofs without having to reconstruct entire buildings. With the roof lifted, your warehouse will have more space. However, to maximise on the available vertical space, consider the installation of a steel mezzanine floor. We offer customisation options to meet your exact space requirements. With the customisable finishes, it is possible to create extra space that looks and feels the same as the rest of your premises. Everything from handrails and column guards to smoke detection and fire protection can be put in place to ensure your space meets safety and functionality requirements.

Myth 2: It Is Too Expensive to Install Floors

This is perhaps the biggest myth of all. Yes, it does cost money to install the additional surface and desired finished. However, if you have to build an entirely new brick and mortar storey or the same space on the ground floor, it will be far more expensive. Moving a warehouse can also be more expensive. The height, size, finishes,  and types of materials used affect the price. When you consider the cost of moving to new premises, changing the business address, and marketing for such changes, you can already see how opting for a  steel mezzanine floor makes the expansion of business operations possible in a cost-effective manner.

Myth 3: Construction of Floors Is Too Complex

Yes, it is a complex process, but we specialise in the construction of such flooring. We have the expertise, qualified personnel, and equipment to handle the task. We aim to minimise the stress for the client. This means we handle the safety aspects, ensure the project is completed on time, and manufacture the flooring.  We handle everything from the detailed survey and the drawings to the project management, manufacturing, and installation. You won’t even have to stop or move business operations. Before you know it, your premises will have the extra space needed for storage, training, recreation, retail, and office work.

Myth 4: There Are Far Too Many Regulations When Building Extra Floors

Certain safety, fire, and building regulations do apply. Fortunately, we know about each regulation and adhere to all such requirements. From accessibility and fire safety to proper ventilation and structural strength requirements, we address all regulations and offer clients peace of mind. With our products and expertise, you can focus on your core business while we increase the space at your business premises.

We will guide you through the entire process. Get in touch for answers to any questions you may have regarding pricing, the process, and the types of steel mezzanine floors that we offer.

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Why get a Mezzanine as a Space Solution?

Mezzanines are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces to create additional usable floor area without the need for a full-scale expansion or construction of a new building.

Key Points on Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor or a raised platform, is a semi-permanent structure that creates an additional level between the existing floor and the ceiling of a building

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Avalon Steel projects is a frontrunner in the mezzanine industry. We believe that we can equip you with a floor space like never before, you will have extra space to use as storage, office, or retail space.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

This is a free-standing structure that is made from steel. The purpose of a mezzanine is to act as an intermediate floor between the base and the ceiling of a building. In particular, this usually covers one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the...
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