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When it comes to creating more space within open areas, there is only one viable solution – a mezzanine floor. Although we are familiar with how these steel structures look, some might not know how they are designed and incorporated in certain buildings and spaces. Simplicity is key to these structures, resulting in endless benefits for warehouse and factory owners, and can also be useful in other areas.

The Basic Steel Mezzanine Floor Design

When reduced to its simplest form, a steel mezzanine floor’s design is all about creating another level between the floor and the roof of a specific building or structure. This level is usually temporary in nature, but can be used as a permanent solution as well. Most of these levels do not cover the whole area of the building, and will only be used in a corner with two walls to support it, although it is possible to cover entire wall-to-wall structures as well.

When we look at the structure of a steel mezzanine floor, we find that a surface is installed, preferably against one or more walls within a building, and supported from underneath and from the walls against which it stands. A simple staircase links the new surface area with the ground floor for easy access – gaining a new level within a tall building. The simplistic design allows these structures to be removed or relocated once they have served their purpose, or they can be left as a permanent addition to the building.

Complex Applications

Due to the architectural considerations of the modern era, big buildings have a different shapes and heights to contend with, and this is where a simplistic steel mezzanine floor design may become complex. Luckily, regardless of the shape of the building, these structures can be adapted and fit wherever they are needed. In the case of difficult installations, the mezzanine floors can be customised to ensure that their integrity is not in doubt once installed. Some of the best examples of these uniquely designed floors can be found in big churches and arenas that feature temporary additional seating for specific events.

Regular applications of steel mezzanine floors take us to the industrial sector where warehouses and factories are in need of more space. These floors can be used for temporary storage or office space, and can be permanently incorporated as well. Even though it is rare, these mezzanine levels can also be incorporated in residential areas for creating extra room in your home, should you be fortunate enough to live in a house that has a double-volume area with enough room between the floor and the roof for an extra level.

When it comes to steel mezzanine floors and their design, Avalon Steel Projects can help you with it all. With years of experience and unrivalled expertise, you can have the peace of mind that your warehouse or factory will have some of the best people on the job to install your extra level. For more information, feel free to browse our website for details on the services we offer, or contact us directly with your enquiries. Choose Avalon Steel Projects today, and let us take care of your space shortages.

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