A Mezzanine Floor for Your Warehouse

Commercial and industrial businesses make use of warehouses to store their products and materials. These facilities must operate at optimal levels to ensure that the business can flourish. However, a time will come when such a facility runs out of useable space. The natural thing to do is to find a larger warehouse and relocate to that building. Such a solution will have logistic nightmares and high financial expenses involved. We offer a different way of extending the available floorspace by installing steel mezzanine structures.

Having enough space in your storage facility will lead to an efficient and safe work environment. Since forklifts and pallet trucks are very common in such facilities, you must ensure that there is enough space for these machines to traverse and manoeuvre. Normally, the vertical space between the ceiling and the ground of these buildings are wide and unused. Therefore, they are perfect for our steel mezzanine floors. These structures increase the available space without compromising the areas beneath them. They have various benefits attached to them as well.


The Benefits of Installing a Steel Mezzanine Level

Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent structures that can be installed in buildings with the allotted vertical space to accommodate a second level. These structures can sit on a wall face or be installed as a secondary level to the building. The best part is that the structure can be relocated or completely removed once it has served its purpose. Should the addition of the extra level be very effective, the structure can stay in place and serve its function. Once the extra available space can be utilised, you must decide how you want to use it

If your building needs an office, but there is not any available space, a steel mezzanine floor is a feasible solution. Such a structure can also be used to expand the available storage space. By building an access ramp to the newly installed structure, your counterbalance trucks can also gain access to it. Therefore, the possibilities are endless for these semi-permanent structures. They are also feasible for workshops that want to extend their range of equipment and workbenches. The versatile nature of these structures puts the control in your hands. You can decide where you need extra space and when you want to relocate or remove the structure.

In some cases, there is not enough vertical space to install a steel mezzanine floor. Luckily, we have a solution that addresses such an issue. We offer roof lifting solutions to increase the vertical space in a facility with a low roof. Our expertise in steel structure design and manufacturing allows us to lift the roof and vertically extend the walls of your facility. This will ensure that there is more than enough room to install an intermediate level. Therefore, you can enjoy the additional space without the worries of relocating your facility due to a lack of space.

Avalon Steel Projects is your supplier of mezzanine floors and roof lifting solutions for your warehouse. For more info on how we can assist your business, please browse our website for details on our available solutions. Make the most of your storage facility with us on your side.

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