Steel Mezzanine Floor

What A Steel Mezzanine Floor Can Do for Your Business


A steel mezzanine floor can provide many benefits. Steel mezzanine floors offer an affordable, efficient, and non-permanent space solution that may prove to be ideal for your business when it grows and end up expanding beyond the capacity your current space offers. When costly expansion and relocation are not practical options, mezzanine floors are. Space is expensive nowadays, and when trying to grow and develop a business in particularly busy areas, finding affordable space seems to be nearly impossible.


If you have not used a mezzanine floor yet, you might wonder if its installation will affect your already-limited space. No, such a floor hardly compromises any of your existing space, but adds a lot more. In fact, a steel mezzanine floor is unobtrusive, as it makes use of the often-unused vertical space. Its main purpose is to create additional storage or workspace. These floors do not necessarily cover the entire floorspace and is of an open design that is typically not walled in. A mezzanine level allows for a business to expand and enjoy more space without having to commit to the expense of a structural change or physical relocation. For those who are renting business premises, this is the ideal solution to their space limitations.


Most Common Uses of Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine floors are most commonly used for the following:


  • Office space. In many warehouses and factories, the office spaces are just too small and often next to busy and noisy areas of the facility. Mezzanine flooring can create a more private office space that is above the original floorspace.
  • Storage space. A busy warehouse, factory, or distribution centre will need to store and move stock around all the time. A mezzanine floor can provide all the additional storage space they need and that is easily accessible to staff. For added security, the floor can be surrounded by protective mesh or similar barriers to protect stock from theft.


Install A Steel Mezzanine Floor in Just About Any Environment


While mezzanine floors are particularly popular in warehouses and factories, they are also quite often used in retail spaces, offices, manufacturing and production plants, transport businesses, showrooms, and car dealerships, to name a few. If you start to think about it, you can use a mezzanine floor for a myriad of purposes.


Avalon Steel Projects Sells and Installs Top-Quality Mezzanine Flooring


If you are looking for quality, affordable steel mezzanine-floor products, Avalon Steel Projects can assist. We present a fine range of mezzanine flooring solutions to the South African market. In addition to supplying the flooring product, we also professionally install it to ensure correct installation according to all the necessary safety standards.


Not sure where to begin when planning for a mezzanine floor? Do not worry about it, because we are here to help. You have come to just the right place, because we can help with planning, accurate measuring and final installation. To learn more about how a steel mezzanine floor can benefit your business, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone at Avalon Steel Projects today.

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