Why You Should Care About Steel Construction

The advantages of steel construction have long been recognised and acknowledged by construction professionals. This is demonstrated by steel’s market share which, over the last few decades, has continued to increase. There are many reasons behind steel’s continued popularity in the construction sector, including the fact that it provides architects the freedom of realising their most ambitious visions.

Structural steel today remains a vital component in most shopping centres and commercial developments, and looks set to further expand its market share in the construction sector. Let us take a closer look at why steel construction continues to enjoy such excellent growth, and why your business should take note of it.

Sustainability in the Construction Industry

Steel remains one of the most sustainable construction materials available today. In a world with an increasing emphasis on green and sustainable business practices, this is a big benefit. Aside from that, its strength and durability, coupled with its ability to be recycled over and over without losing its strength or quality, makes it a truly versatile construction material compatible with long-term sustainable development.

Businesses value steel’s flexibility as well as its durability. This leads to various other benefits, including the fact that light, open and airy spaces can easily be created. It makes steel construction ideal for use in modern and reconfigured buildings, without causing massive disruptions to work processes. Even without all these benefits, however, steel is still the first choice based on cost alone.

Quickly Erected Buildings – Great Speed of Construction

Steel structures can also be erected comparatively easily, when contrasted with other types of construction processes. The handling predictability and manufacturing accuracy of steel components further speed up the process, allowing follow-on trades to get to work sooner and deliver the project on time, and within budget. In fact, the speed of erection of steel construction remains one of the most popular aspects of using steel construction today.

We manufacture quality, custom-designed, and prefabricated steel structures that include warehouses and factories, shopping centres, and industrial process plants, as well as storage facilities and other steel buildings in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. We manage the complete supply and installation of our pre-manufactured building projects, taking care of every aspect of the construction process.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we are best positioned to provide you with a tailored, customised steel construction solution that meets your company’s unique needs. To deliver on our promises, we make use of Stimber, which was developed in 1981. It is a versatile and lightweight steel lattice beam offering exceptional horizontal stability. This makes it ideal for use in long-span construction. Rest assured that Stimber is an SABS-tested and approved product, and continues to outperform its competition.

Thanks to our insights into the industry and into what our clients’ needs are, we remain at the forefront of our market sector. Contact us to discuss your steel construction needs in greater detail, and for all the advice you need to make an informed decision regarding your steel construction needs.


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