Selecting the Best Supplier of Steel Beams for Your Project


Building and construction projects involving steel beams can be very complicated, and it is vital that any materials used for the project is able to deal with the demands of the building. While there are a lot of suppliers of steel beams around, it is still important to find a supplier that can deal with the demands of your project, and selecting the right supplier can be a tricky business. There are specific factors you can consider to ensure that you choose the right supplier for your project, and here we outline some of these to help you to make a more informed decision about your steel supplier of choice.

  1. Location: You may be overwhelmed by all the steel manufacturers and suppliers on the Internet, so it helps to narrow them down to a list of about five and get quotes from only those. One of the first criteria should be their location – if they are based too far away and you need product in a hurry, there may be problems in getting the product to you on time. Try and narrow it down to companies within a 2-hour drive from your project. This means less driving time and quick access to steel without having to transport it over long distances.
  2. Expertise: Take a look at the website of the supplier and look at their history, size, reputation and the types of projects they have worked on. It will make your project easier if they have the correct expertise and experience, and if they have previously worked on projects that are similar to yours. If they have been in the business for a long time, it usually means that they have access to all the resources they need to provide you with what you need, and a good reputation usually means that they are reliable. Ask around in the industry – speak to architects or structural engineers about the steel suppliers that work on similar projects and take their recommendations to heart.
  3. Quality: Any construction professional will know that the backbone of the project is in the quality of the materials used. Cost is usually a factor, and sometimes a supplier will be chosen based on cost, but the experts advise that the quality of the steel beams is more important than the cost, and that quality should be one of the main criteria. outlook at the supplier’s quality policies and see if they apply quality control procedures or comply with any international quality standards such as ISO9001. The quality of the steel can also be measured with instrumentation, and you may want to get a steel specialist on board to assess the steel for you.
  4. Cost: While quality is more important than cost, you still have to stick to a budget. Get the highest quality for the lowest price. Remember that if you save money in one area you will possibly have to make up for it in another, so take care that you have included all components in the cost estimates.


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