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Mezzanine flooring, also known as an intermediate level, is a raised platform that makes the most of empty vertical space in a building. These flooring solutions come in a variety of shapes and styles, providing cost-effective and efficient additional space.

Mezzanine floors can be constructed with an array of materials, from steel to wood, to meet the requirements of the particular environment. They can also be tailored to meet style preferences, and additional features might include lighting, ventilation, handrails, and more. When you make the most of extra space, costly and time-consuming moves can be avoided. Moreover, since these incredible flooring systems are semi-permanent, they can be quickly dismantled if needed. When it comes to mezzanine levels, the options are endless.

Potential uses for your new mezzanine flooring solution include:

  • Extra Office Space:

Extra office space is always a bonus, especially in Covid-19 times when more companies become conscious of social distancing and the need for extra space. Utilise the mezzanine level for additional desks and chairs for extra staff and Covid compliance.

  • A Filing Room:

Many offices are inundated with copious amounts of paper and face the predicament of where to store it. If you are in the legal or financial sector, hard copy documentation is usually crucial and needs to be stored for several years after signing. Mezzanine levels make perfect office storage spaces. Add customised shelves and holding solutions to make the most of the intermediate level.

  • Additional Warehouse Storage:

Mezzanine flooring is often used in warehouse and factory settings. Store pallets, materials, machinery, and goods without the hassle of having to move to a bigger space.

  • A Staff Zone or Cafeteria:

While these levels can be practical, they can also be utilised more creatively. If you want to boost morale and show your staff your appreciation, why not create a particular hub for them where they can enjoy their lunch breaks and unwind? If you regularly entertain clients, you could also add a coffee shop or cafeteria.

Explore Avalon Steel Projects for Expert Construction and More

As experts within the steel industry, here at Avalon Steel Projects, we build mezzanine flooring frames with safety, accuracy, and precision in mind. We have covered an array of projects over the years, from large-scale warehouse settings to smaller, more nuanced designs. We pride ourselves on quality work and are there for every part of the process, from design through to manufacturing and installation. If you want to make the most of the existing space without the stress of permanent construction or a big move, we are the team for the job.

Get in touch with us on 082 561 4629 or send an email to info@avalonsteel.co.za. Safety and security are prioritised with every structure that we build, and all structures are designed by engineers and are SANS 0162 compliant for ultimate peace of mind. Be sure to also explore our other service offerings, including roof lifting, steel structures, houseboats, fireplaces, and braais. We look forward to working with you and achieving all your steel-related needs.

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