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A global generalisation will tell you that people would always want more time, money, and space to improve their lives. Although time and money cannot be bought or built, increasing the storage space in your warehouse, or adding another level for seating at your event venue, can be accomplished with a proper mezzanine floor design to fit your specific needs!

How can a mezzanine floor design help me?

You might be familiar with the mezzanine floor design being used at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, and have noticed how easily the venue is able to move these floors around to suit the events taking place there. This is achievable through the versatile design, and not relying so much on vertical support to keep the extra levels from collapsing. Some of these structures are fixed as well, giving the venue a permanent level above the ground or main level.

The benefits of having a mezzanine floor design employed at your premises, made specifically for your workspace or events venue, are endless. Storage space might be one of your biggest concerns when working in an industrial environment, and an extra level between the floor and the roof will prove to be invaluable in the end. The same principal can be applied to your events venue. With mezzanine floor seating, you can increase the attendance of all your events substantially.

What about time and money?

Due to the simplistic concept of any mezzanine floor design, time and money will not be a big concern when installing these floors. In most cases, affordable materials are used to create these levels, with minimal time needed to install them. Keeping it simple and easy has always been the advantage of any mezzanine floor, making it a very popular solution for creating more space within certain venues and workplaces

Should you ever find yourself in a warehouse or workshop, look out for any mezzanine floor levels added to the working space. On these levels, you are most likely to find spaces being implemented for storage, and they might be used for office space as well. If you are in a mall, some shops would also have an extra level to expand the floor size of the specific shop and deliver a wider range of products on display, displaying the different uses of these floors to such an extent that it could only prove beneficial to your workspace, shop, restaurant, or other venue.

Should you be interested in your very own mezzanine floor design, look no further than Avalon Steel Projects. We specialise in creating more space for the working environment to suit all your needs. Whether you need more storage space, event seating, display areas, offices, or general floor space, our mezzanine floors will not let you down – providing a safe and solid foundation for you to take full advantage of. Time and money might still be valid reasons for concern, but with Avalon Steel Projects, we will ensure that the space you need is not. Contact us today for further information, and let us take care of the rest!

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