An Exploration on Mezzanine

When we delve into the history of the industrial sector in South Africa, we find a community of people responsible for just about anything you can think of – from building construction to vehicle assembly. Because of the needs of industry in our country, we consequently have big warehouses, factories, and workshops to accommodate all these facilities. These places want to utilise their space to the fullest, and there simply is no better way to do so than installing mezzanine floors and levels where needed, if these spaces allow for them.

Industrial mezzanine floors and levels are viable choices for buildings with enough room for an extra floor, or even two, between the ground floor and the ceiling. This is the case with most big warehouses and factories, and can be beneficial to such an extent that these semi-permanent floor solutions might never be removed once installed. If you are familiar with workshops, you would have probably seen such a floor being used for the storage of parts and materials, as it doesn’t take up any space on the workshop floor, and can be removed or relocated at will.

Other Applications

Although mezzanine floors are primarily used in the industrial sectors, do not think that they are just simple storage or office space solutions for warehouses. These floors can find permanent homes in arenas, stadiums, and churches as well, even though a permanent floor differs quite substantially from a semi-permanent one in terms of the structure and material used for constructing it. In some way, it could be compared to a dry wall, which can have a permanent place, but differs from a permanent wall in many ways.

Extra floor levels can also be useful in the commercial sector, where bulk retailers can benefit from the extra space within their warehouse-like stores. By doing this, the customer can walk freely, with the maximum amount of space available on the floor levels, while the mezzanine levels take accommodate much of the stock that would have taken up valuable floorspace. These floors are used in just about any warehouse for a simple reason – utilising space to its fullest. In the residential sector, one rarely encounters mezzanine floors, but it does not mean that they cannot be used in such settings as well, if there is a need for them.

Basic Construction

An industrial mezzanine floor’s main purpose is not to be an aesthetic masterpiece, but to be of sound basic construction, with the most functional shape and design to optimise its load-bearing ability and maximising the space instead. With simplistic designs and shapes, these semi-permanent floors are constructed in much less time than their permanent counterparts, and can still, for the most part, be used in the same manner.

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