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Mezzanine flooring is a feasible way to increase the available floorspace in your warehouse or facility. Most industrial facilities and warehouses operate within large buildings with open floor designs to maximise the available space. Such buildings normally have tall roofs and no vertical support to keep the roof afloat. Therefore, there is a large gap of voided space between the floor and the roof of the building. We are providers of intermediate flooring solutions in Gauteng, making it possible to utilise that vertical space to your benefit.


People often fail to see the benefits of a mezzanine floor and how it can provide more floorspace for their facility. Our solution is simple. We utilise the wide space between the floor and ceiling of a warehouse-type building to install a semi-permanent structure. Such a structure pivots mostly off the walls of the building, which results in little to no need for any other support that might influence the available floorspace. Therefore, you can use the new level for a wide selection of applications without compromising your current floorspace.


The Uses of a Mezzanine Floor


Gauteng has a couple of industrial areas where warehouse-type buildings are utilised by businesses for a variety of means, ranging from storage to manufacturing. When owning such a building, you make the most of every bit of available floorspace to maximise efficiency. When the time comes to expand the available floorspace for such a building, most businesses would search for a larger building to hire. However, we are providers of solutions that can expand the available space in your building and help you avoid relocation through mezzanine installation.


Some industrial buildings have low ceilings, which means that there is not any room for a mezzanine level. This scenario can also be addressed by our solutions. We offer roof lifting services to extend the available vertical space in such a building. Such a process allows us to install an intermediate level once the roof is lifted to a desired height. Therefore, you will extend the available space in your building without knocking out a wall to expand the original area of the building. Your facility in Gauteng can greatly benefit from the services that we can provide.


Mezzanine floors can be used for different functions. The basic function is to extend the available floorspace, leaving the question of what could be done to utilise the extra space. In most situations, the extra space extends the available storage space for the facility. However, it can also be used for offices and to extend the available workspace within such a building. We can also provide solutions for large retailers in need of more floorspace. Intermediate flooring is a feasible solution for any large building that has enough vertical space for an additional floor.


Avalon Steel Projects are providers of mezzanine floor installations in Gauteng. We are providers of roof lifting and steel structure solutions to give your business an edge over the competition. For more info on how we can extend the available space in your facility, please peruse our website for details on our services. Forget about relocating your facility when things get cramped. Rather trust us to deliver useful solutions to extend the available space at your current location.

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