Use a Mezzanine Level as an Alternative to Moving Premises or Construction Work

A mezzanine level is a second floor that is installed between the ground and the ceiling (or the first floor). It is for all intents and purposes, an intermediate floor. In terms of building codes and regulations, a mezzanine floor is not considered an actual floor, and it is important to note that you can only install one mezzanine level in a space. There are not too many building regulations governing the installation of a mezzanine level in South Africa. However, it is still strongly advised that you use a professional company for the measuring, design, manufacturing, and final installation of the flooring if you want to avoid safety risks.

The Convenience of Mezzanine Floors as an Alternative

For businesses that need more space, but do not have the budget to support it, a mezzanine floor provides the best possible opportunity to get the space needed without incurring the high expected costs. These floors are especially beneficial for business owners who are renting property and are unable to carry out permanent alterations (the landlord may not permit it). The mezzanine level is a non-permanent fixture, which means that it presents no damage to the building when installed, and it can be dismantled and removed at any time. This is beneficial if you wish to move to a new property in the future. Even if you are the property owner, installing a mezzanine floor is not only beneficial to the business or your tenants. It is also highly beneficial to your investment, as the addition of the extra floor space will increase the overall monetary value of the property.

The Size Limitations of Mezzanine Levels in South Africa

According to International Building Code, a mezzanine level may occupy only one third of the space of the floor below it. Local building codes are quite different in South Africa, in that a mezzanine floor can occupy up to one quarter of the floor space below it. Of course, a mezzanine level should be manufactured according to SABS regulations, and you should only trust the installation to a professional company with experience in the process.

Do Not Overlook Safety

When you use a mezzanine level as an alternative to moving or expanding on your existing structure, it is important to take safety seriously. Make sure that you educate your staff members on their responsibility to use the structure as intended. The structure should never be overloaded, and all safety features and mechanisms must be used. If any defect is noticed with the mezzanine floor, it must be reported immediately, so that it can be attended to before an accident happens or someone gets hurt.

Order a Mezzanine Level from the Pros

Ordering your mezzanine level from a reputable and experienced supplier and installer is essential if you want a long-lasting, durable, and stable additional level. At Avalon Steel Projects, we warmly welcome you to chat with us regarding your floorspace and the options that you have for affordable, non-permanent expansion/extension. If you like the space that your business operates from, but need a bit extra, we have just the solution for you. To learn more, contact us via email or telephone at Avalon Steel Projects today.

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