Top Mezzanine Safety Tips for the Workplace

A mezzanine floor is undoubtedly a clever way to save on space in the workplace. A mezzanine is a floor that is installed between the existing floor and the ceiling. It creates an almost “halfway” space, which can be used for storage, staff breakaway areas, production spaces, and even extra office space. Unfortunately, a mezzanine can be just as dangerous as it is functional, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your unit is safe, secure, and correctly used on your premises.

Having a thorough understanding of mezzanine safety will enable you to install a unit that is compliant with industry standards and legislation. Accidents and incidents with a mezzanine floor can occur from up top or from below. Things can fall, items can be dropped, and people can slip. These are often unavoidable, but can result in thousands of Rands in damages, litigation, and injuries.

In some instances, big and expensive accidents can be avoided by taking a few preventative measures and implementing a safe-use strategy for your staff members (and visitors too) to take note of and strictly follow. Do not be part of the shocking workplace accident statistics. Take the time to ensure the safety of your employees and guarantee that of your business image too.

Tips for Safe Mezzanine Floors in the Workplace

While working in the industry, we have encountered a number of ways in which our customers can ensure a bit more safety in their work environment. We share these with you below. These mezzanine safety tips can help to safeguard your business and its employees.

  • Ensure that all personnel are provided with an introduction to mezzanine safety, and that safety signage is clearly displayed by the mezzanine.
  • On the mezzanine stairs, make sure that hand rails are installed.
  • Never overload the floor space. Know what the max loading capacity is and adhere to it strictly.
  • Carry out regular and ongoing inspections of the mezzanine floor to ensure that there are no weaknesses or problems to be aware of.
  • Ensure that the new level is kept clean and tidy to eliminate the risk of tripping and slipping.
  • Install correct lighting above the flooring, so that staff members can clearly see what they are doing.
  • Install a safety gate at the top of the stairs and safety railings along the perimeter of the floor. This will minimise potential falls that can be fatal.
  • If you are using the space as extra office space, avoid using chairs that are on wheels.
  • Only install mezzanine floors that are up to the highest possible safety standards, and are made from the best quality steel and components.

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