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Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa and plays host to some of the biggest names in the industrial sector. Endless numbers of businesses have warehouse and factory facilities in and around Johannesburg, resulting in coverage for Gauteng and the surrounding areas. If you own a warehouse or factory that is located in this area, you are probably aware of all the benefits of your location, and if you are in the market for quality mezzanine floors, Avalon Steel Projects can offer you a viable and affordable solution.

Keeping It Simple

One of the biggest aspects that contribute to the success and usability of mezzanine floors is the simplistic design and application of these steel structures. Usually, they are installed in warehouses and factories to create an extra level between the roof and the floor of the building, and would be situated against at least one wall for adequate safety and integrity. A staircase will grant access to the mezzanine floor from the ground floor for easy access. An extra level in a warehouse or factory can be vital, and will always be viable for storage and office space.

Driving on the M1 through Johannesburg, you get a proper feel of just how big and active the industrial sector is in this vast metropolitan area – with stretched-out kilometres filled with warehouses, factories, and production plants to keep the gears churning and the economy going. Many of these buildings probably have their own mezzanine floors installed inside, and you can also benefit from these steel structures in your own warehouse or factory in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Endless Benefits

When installing a mezzanine floor in your building, there are certain benefits that come along with it, the most obvious one being the creation of much-needed extra space that can be utilised in any way you like. In a workshop, you can use this extra space to create more workspace for a safer working environment while, in a warehouse, it can be perfect for more storage space. Factories can incorporate the extra space for office use, and can also open more space on the ground level as a result.

If you decided on installing some mezzanine floors in your building, and the day comes where you have no need for them anymore, you can simply relocate them, or remove them completely from your building. These floors are usually temporary, as their design allows for relocation and removal, but can they also be implemented as permanent structures in your building. Many warehouses and factories in and around Johannesburg are enjoying the benefits of mezzanine floors, and you could gain some extra space as well by installing one of these versatile steel structures.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we offer a solution to your space shortages, and can be of assistance in other areas as well. For more information on what we can assist you with in and around Johannesburg, feel free to browse our website, or contact us directly with any questions. Choose Avalon Steel Projects today, and see how we deliver our expertise and experience in every project to ensure that you never run out of space in your warehouse again.

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