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4 Reasons Why Mezzanine Floors are a Sound Investment

Mezzanine floors seem to be all anyone can talk about when it comes to expanding business space without incurring exorbitant costs. Mezzanine floors are a go-to structure in the world of industrial architecture, and it is not only about cost-savings. Mezzanine floors offer an array of benefits. Whether you have a factory, warehouse, or office building, a mezzanine level can help you to capitalise on space, and benefit in a number of other ways too.


Here are just four ways in which mezzanine floors are a great addition to your business:


Mezzanine Floors Greatly Increase Storage Space


If you have sufficient space between the floor and ceiling, you can install a mezzanine floor of any size. Otherwise wasted space can now be used for storing stock, machinery, documents, and more.


These Floors Are Designed to Be Safe and Sturdy.


Some people incorrectly assume that a mezzanine floor cannot handle a heavy load. Mezzanine floors are durable and safe, and can actually handle much greater loads than expected. It is always best to check with the manufacturer what your specific mezzanine floor’s weight handling limit is. It is a good idea to share with your supplier just what you intend to use the additional space for, so that they can advise you accordingly. When installing mezzanine floors, make sure that safety features are also considered and included. Safety features include stairs with non-slip strips, safety hats, hand rails, and good lighting in the area.


Quick Installation and Removal


The installation of a mezzanine level does not require excessive planning or permanent structural changes. The floor is made up prior to delivery, and is quickly installed by mounting it to the existing building features. Nothing is permanent. The floor can be removed quite easily, and be relocated or recycled.


Mezzanine Floors Are Versatile.


There is no set way in which you have to use a mezzanine floor. The options are unlimited. You can install such a floor if you need additional office space, or even if you need a room for staff members to enjoy their lunch and snacks. Because these floors offer a strong and sturdy design, they are safe for most uses.


Avalon Steel Projects Mezzanine Floors


Of course, not all mezzanine floors are made equal. It is important that you partner with a supplier who offers high-quality steel mezzanine floors, and comes to your premises to accurately measure the area before providing you with a quotation.


At Avalon Steel Projects, we have high-quality mezzanine flooring available for sale. Our track record and client testimonials speak for themselves, but we always warmly welcome customers to chat with us personally if they have any questions, concerns, or want to know more.


We warmly welcome you to set up an appointment with us, or simply get in touch with us to chat further about expanding your available space. You can reach us easily during business hours via email or telephone. We would love to assist you with planning and installing a mezzanine floor in your business space.


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