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It is no secret that industrial space is in high demand in Gauteng. With the province being so industrialised, it can be difficult for every business to find the space it needs to operate comfortably. If you are running a business and need to capitalise on every bit of available space, perhaps you need to install mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors in Gauteng have been the ideal solution for many businesses with limited floorspace in their existing buildings. Any business without sufficient space will not function optimally and it is the aim of Avalon Steel Projects to offer a space-saving solution to all businesses operating in Gauteng. If you have excess, unused overhead volume in your building, you can utilise it effectively by creating a mezzanine floor.


Benefits of Space Optimisation with Mezzanine Floors for Your Gauteng Business

Optimising your available space with a mezzanine floor might not be the first solution that pops into your mind when you realise that your business is running out of space. There are, however, many reasons why a mezzanine floor will be beneficial to you. Here are a few of the benefits and advantages:


  • Double your floor space while saving on construction and/or renovation costs.
  • No planning approval is required, as mezzanine floors are semi-permanent structures that can be removed if necessary.
  • Exceptional versatility is one of the biggest benefits of mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent structures that can be dismantled, resized, moved, and redesigned at will.
  • Installation will affect your daily operations minimally. When our Stimber product is used, the structure can be quickly installed which means minimal work disruption. Stimber also needs fewer support columns, which frees up space below the mezzanine floor.
  • Installing a mezzanine floor means that you will not have to go through the hassle of moving to new premises which is stressful, time-consuming, and costly.


Mezzanine Floors Installed in Gauteng

If you are shopping for mezzanine floor designers and installers in Gauteng, it is important to inquire about the construction method the company plans to use and how quickly the installation can be carried out. At Avalon Steel Projects, we make use of Stimber structural members, and meticulously design and plan each floor before installation begins. We never compromise on the quality of our workmanship and we spend a great deal of time ensuring that our materials and components are strong and durable.


We have decades of experienced in the steel manufacturing and construction industry. We offer our mezzanine floor design and installation services across Gauteng and have completed several mezzanine floor projects that serve as the perfect testimony of our skills and expertise in the field. We have designed and installed mezzanine floors for Danny’s Automotive, Portable Shade, Yokohama Warehouse, and Pan African Shopfitters, to name just a few.


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