Mezzanine Floors in Gauteng

Mezzanine Floors in Gauteng Help Business Owners Overcome Space Problems


There is no denying it, the population in Gauteng is growing at a rapid rate, and being one of the smallest provinces (in terms of land area), this can mean trouble for those seeking out business space. As a result, mezzanine floors in Gauteng have grown in popularity, as they help people to expand on their available space without having to move to a new premises.


Why Move to a Bigger Premises? Install a Mezzanine Floor, and Stay Right Where You Are!


If you opt to install mezzanine floors in Gauteng, your business premises can enjoy additional office space, employee break space, and even additional storage space for stock and equipment.


If you have not given mezzanine floors much thought, now is the time. These particular floors are installed between the floor and existing ceiling. Of course, you need to have sufficient head room available to install a floor or level that will provide comfortable additional space for the business. One of the greatest features of such flooring is that it is not permanent. This means that if you ever do move from the premises, you can dismantle it, and take it with you or sell it. There are no permanent structural changes made to the building or premises, which means you do not need official authorisation to carry out the installation. Mezzanine floors are ideal for those renting business premises in the Gauteng area.


Safety and Quality Regulations are Important When Installing Mezzanine Floors


You cannot just decide to install mezzanine floors in any Gauteng premises, and get to work on the project yourself. There are still safety standards and regulations that you need to consider, and that is why it is important to hand the task over to a professional company, such as Avalon Steel Projects. The components of our mezzanine floors are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.


What is more is that we fully handle the process for you. We will measure the area for you, advise on what type of flooring would work best in the space, create a design for you to view, and then physically install the flooring for you. This ensures that everything is done safely and meticulously for the protection of your staff members and your business.


All mezzanine floors installed in Gauteng must be safety checked before they are utilised. It is important to ensure that it is sturdy and durable, and that nothing has been missed. As the flooring will be above ground, it is important to have sturdy stairs with hand rails, as well as a railing around the floor/level to ensure nothing, and no one, simply falls or slips off.


Ask the Professionals to Help Bring Your Dreams of More Space to Life


If you want to ensure that your mezzanine flooring is the best on the market, Avalon Steel Projects is just the place to go. We are an experienced team that specialises in the design, fabrication, and installation of mezzanine flooring in the industrial, mining, commercial, and architectural sectors.


For more information and advice on installing mezzanine floors in Gauteng, contact us via email or telephone today.




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