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Discover How Mezzanine Floors Boost Productivity in Factories and Warehouses


For the growing business with a limited budget, mezzanine floors are a dream come true. Mezzanine flooring offers a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to get the extra space you need without having to move to a new building. While creating more space is a well-known benefit of such flooring, did you know that mezzanine floors can also boost productivity and make your daily factory or warehouse operations more efficient? Here is how:


More Space to Do More Work


Obviously, mezzanine floors mean more space. With more space available, you can hire more employees, set up bigger production lines, install more machinery, and incorporate additional workstations. All of this bodes well for productivity and a healthy bottom line.


More Storage for More Stock


Having stock readily available is important for a thriving and growing business. By installing a mezzanine floor, you can incorporate more storage space for all the extra stock you will be producing. This means that your business can get ahead. It also means that you can tender for bigger contracts in the future and if you purchase raw materials and stock for resale, you could benefit from buying bulk quantities, which are usually sold at a discounted rate. Now you will have the space to store the stock.


More Space to Create Privacy


While open-plan areas have their benefits, sometimes it is nice to have a private space to conduct calls or deal with more private business matters. More will get done if staff members feel that they have a safe and comfortable place to do things. It is also nice to have a separate place for staff to enjoy their breaks and relax. With mezzanine floors, you can create several separate, private areas to use as you wish. Well rested and satisfied employees generally work harder, which is great for productivity levels.


Get Productivity-Boosting Mezzanine Floors


At Avalon Steel Projects, our focus is on creating mezzanine floors that are strong, durable, and safe. Before we provide a flooring solution, we visit the premises to assess the space and do accurate measurements. We can then provide a detailed, all-inclusive quotation. If the quotation is accepted, we can proceed to install the flooring ourselves as well. While handling your installation, we endeavour to keep work disruption to an absolute minimum. We can also provide demonstrations on how to safely make use of the flooring.


Why Choose Mezzanine Floors Over Construction


If you are renting business premises, mezzanine flooring is the obvious choice. It is non-permanent and quite quick and easy to install. Once you have installed the flooring, it is easy to remove and reinstall it again at another premises. No official planning permissions are required to install mezzanine flooring, although you should check with your landlord first, if you are renting premises.


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