An Overall Look at Mezzanine Flooring Prices


When working in an industrial facility, floorspace and storage space are both critical. If there is not enough floorspace, the work that must be done will get compromised by limiting the available room. If there is a shortage of storage space, there will not be enough space to house enough products, tools, and materials. Therefore, available space in an industrial facility will determine how efficiently that facility can operate. Mezzanine flooring delivers a solution at affordable prices in comparison to relocating your facility to a larger building.


In most scenarios, a warehouse-type building would feature a large and open plan. This design would normally require a tall and large roof structure to eliminate any support structures that will be needed to keep the roof from collapsing. Therefore, a large voided gap exists between the ground and the roof of such a building. Our mezzanine flooring can be a feasible solution to create more available space in such a building. With the prices being a mere fraction of what it would cost to completely relocate to another facility, our solution will work to the benefit of your business.


Using Voided Space


Voided space, sometimes referred to as negative space, is a gap of space where nothing is happening. Due to the design of standard industrial buildings, most of them have large gaps of voided space between the ground and roof. This space can be filled with mezzanine flooring. This solution entails the installation of a semi-permanent structure to create a level between the ground and the roof from the available space. Therefore, you can drastically increase your available space and use this to the advantage of your business, with affordable prices to boot.


Sometimes, a storage facility requires offices. Mezzanine flooring can be an ideal solution for such a facility to create some much-needed office space. This solution can also create more storage space on a second level within such a facility. With our innovative and unique way of installing these structures, the need for vertical support is minimised to ensure that the available space below the structure is not compromised. Therefore, you can still use different types of vehicles and lifting equipment within your facility. Since the prices on these semi-permanent structures are obviously cheaper than buying a new building, it only makes sense to install them.


The best part about mezzanine flooring is that the structures are semi-permanent in nature. They can simply be relocated or completely removed once they have served their purpose. They can also stay installed for extended time periods, should the facility require the use of these structures in the future as well. The only concern that is left for you is to find the right price for these structures. This is where we come into the picture.


Avalon Steel Projects is your solution to mezzanine flooring, steel structures, and roof-lifting at competitive prices. For more info on how we can assist your business in creating and utilising space, please peruse our website for details on our various installations and modification services. Make the most of your facility today with us on your side.

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