Various Materials are Used for Mezzanine Flooring Solutions

When it comes to mezzanine flooring, you can use different types of materials for different outcomes. Since we are specialists in steel construction, we use steel for the framework of such a structure. Steel is a commonly used building material because it is such a strong metal. It offers a feasible solution for affordable and simple construction solutions.

The frame on which mezzanine flooring is built must be solid to support the load that it must carry. By using a metallic material such as steel, the intermediate level will have a solid framework on which the flooring can be installed. Steel is not exposed to the elements when installed indoors; however, it is still susceptible to water and fire, even if only to a limited extent. When installing an intermediate level in a specific facility, the type of material used will depend on the functionality of the level.

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Mezzanine Flooring Installations


How Can an Intermediate Level Benefit My Facility?

When a facility runs out of space, the logical thing to do is relocate to a larger building that is more accommodating. However, with our solutions, you can avoid such a headache. Warehouse buildings are regularly used as storage facilities, workshops, community centres, event locations, and churches. All of them can utilise a mezzanine flooring solution to create more useable space. Using steel as the building material of choice to create the framework will hardly impede the ground level, and therefore, you can be assured that the ground level can still be used as intended.

Once the framework for a mezzanine level is complete, the next step is to lay the flooring. Some facilities require a permanent solution. These levels can be cast in concrete to ensure that it is a permanent fixture in such a facility. However, if you want the benefit of having the option to remove the additional level once it has served its purpose, wood is the go-to material. Steel can also be used to create the deck on such a frame. Dependent on the functionality of such a level, the materials must be selected accordingly.

Mezzanine flooring can benefit your facility in many ways. The extra level can be used as storage space for a workshop. It can also be used to create office space for an industrial facility. Due to its semi-permanent nature thanks to the use of materials such as steel and wood, such a structure can also be a solution to one-off events. Once the event is over, the structure can be dismantled and removed to revert the facility to its original form. Therefore, the possibilities and benefits are undeniable when operating within a building that has ample vertical space to allow for an intermediate level.

Avalon Steel Projects is your solution to creating more room in a warehouse, arena, or any other building with enough vertical space to accommodate mezzanine flooring. We specialise in steel structures and are versed in using this material to create the necessary space for your business. For more details on how we can assist you, please chat with us today.

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