The Basics of Mezzanine Flooring


Industrial businesses use warehouse buildings with open floor plans to optimise their business facilities. These buildings can be used for storage, manufacturing, and as workshops. Although the large and open floor is a hassle to keep clean, there is a myriad of advantages to such a building regarding available space and simplistic design. To ensure that the available ground space is not disturbed with any support to keep the roof up, such a building would commonly have tall walls that support the roof structure. This grants enough voided vertical space to install some mezzanine flooring.

Intermediate levels can drastically increase the available space within such a facility. Whether it is a smaller structure that is installed onto a wall or a completely new level between the ground and the roof, the benefits are endless to such a structure. As it addresses the basic problem of running out of available space, such a structure can solve many relevant issues in your facility. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits, which is why they would rather relocate to a larger facility to gain more space. Our solutions can optimise your facility to create the necessary space that you need to grow your business.

The Benefits of Adding More Space

When you want to install some mezzanine flooring in your facility, the first and most obvious factor is the available voided space between the levels. If there is enough space for an intermediate level, the possibilities are endless, as are the uses. However, if there is not enough vertical space, we can assist in creating the required space. We offer roof-lifting solutions for warehouses as well. This process involves us lifting the roof of your warehouse to create more vertical space for an intermediate level to be effective.

We specialise in the design and installation of custom steel structures, which allows us to ensure that our roof-lifting solutions can be applied to most buildings with lower roofs. Once the roof is lifted, there will be enough room for us to install mezzanine flooring in your facility. The addition of an extra level gives you the freedom to use the extra space to grow your business. Whether you need more storage space, extra workbenches, or some temporary offices, the possibilities are in your hands.

Mezzanine flooring is a semi-permanent structural solution that will grant more useable space within a large facility. Therefore, once the intermediate level has served its purposes and is no longer required, it can be relocated or removed completely. This attribute makes intermediate levels very versatile and sensible for use over specified time periods. They can also be permanent features in your facility, as the structure does not have a specified shelf life to take into consideration. In the end, if you need more space in your warehouse facility, our solutions can create that possibility for you without considering relocation.

Avalon Steel Projects specialises in roof lifting, steel structures, and mezzanine flooring. If your business needs any expansion in available space, please contact us today and let our expertise work to your benefit. Forget about running out of space in your warehouse, and trust our handy solutions to elevate your facility and give you the necessary room to grow your business.

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