Expand Your Floorspace with Mezzanine Flooring

Industrial buildings are commonly used as warehouses, workshops, or assembly plants. Since these buildings have wide and open floors, they are ideal for storage aisles, workbenches, or assembly lines. However, the space in these buildings is normally far from optimised. Although it seems like there cannot be any area to improve or extend the available floorspace in such a facility, mezzanine flooring can make a notable difference. When the ground floor offers too little space, you can utilise the vertical space to create more floorspace for your facility.

Since industrial buildings feature widely open floors, the roof is normally quite high. This creates a voided vertical space between the ground level and the roof, which can be utilised by installing mezzanine flooring. These structures are installed between the ground level and roof to create and intermediate level for your building. This new level can be used to expand the current floorspace, create offices, or expand the available storage space. No matter how you plan to use the extended space, your building can benefit from it.


Our Solutions to Maximising Available Space

Since most large businesses use industrial buildings, they tend to relocate to larger buildings with more floorspace once the need arises. However, with our solutions, we can extend the available floorspace without knocking down a wall in your building. With most of these buildings offering more than enough vertical open space, mezzanine flooring is a feasible solution to extend the current space. Sometimes, the roofs on these buildings are lower, which does not allow for an intermediate level. We can assist with this problem as well. Although the best solution seems like relocating to a more appropriate building, that process can be avoided.

Our specialties are mezzanine flooring, steel structures, and roof lifting. By combining our knowledge of steel structures and intermediate level installation, we can lift the roof of your industrial building to create more vertical space. This newly created space can then be used to install intermediate levels to extend the available floorspace in the building. Therefore, you can avoid relocation and stay in the same building. Although the roof lifting will be permanent, the intermediate levels are only semi-permanent. As a result, you can remove them once they have served their purpose. You can also choose to leave them installed permanently.

Creating space in an industrial building is always a good idea. Offices are normally outside of these buildings to optimise available floorspace. Storage facilities will benefit from more available room as well. With mezzanine flooring, you can decide where you want extra floorspace to be created. You can use the extra space to create an office, moving the management back into the building. You can also use the space for extra storage areas or workstations. In the end, you want to maximise the available space in such a building, and our solutions can make that a reality.

Avalon Steel Projects is your solution to mezzanine flooring, roof lifting, and the design and construction of steel structures. For more info on how we can assist your business, please peruse our website for details on our available solutions. Make the most of your industrial buildings and avoid the dreaded process of relocating your facility to a larger building.

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