Factors to Consider When Considering Mezzanine Floor Installation for Extra Space


If you own a distribution centre, you already know that its success is also dependent upon the availability of space. In other words, with more space available, you can process more goods. However, renting or buying more space for the warehouse is not always a viable option. Additional space equals additional rent, capital outlay, development, and usually property tax and maintenance costs.

Sometimes the only way to get more floor space, and thus the ability to increase freight-processing capacity, is to consider mezzanine floor installation instead. If unused roof space is available, you should consider installing a mezzanine floor. If the roof is not high enough, you can always have it lifted higher, and with the mezzanine floor installed professionally, there will be enough height available to ensure optimal shelving and working space.

If you install a mezzanine floor, you can increase your storage capacity considerably. With a structural mezzanine made from Stimber steel beams, you have the advantage of a lightweight, yet, extremely rigid mezzanine floor that can be moved to another facility if need be. But, let us first take a look at a few of the important considerations for installing such a floor. The two main options available on the market are that of modular and custom-designed structural mezzanines.

The first type is a prefabricated floor sold in predetermined sizes of various lengths. This type of floor is recommended if you know the sizes that you will require. With the structural custom-designed type, you get a floor that fits your particular warehouse perfectly, helping you to maximise storage space.

Another consideration is that of ceiling height. If the ceiling height is not adequate, you will need to lift the roof using a special system to create enough height on the mezzanine. It is furthermore important to analyse the soil to determine whether it will be able to support another structure. You may have to install additional footing before floor installation.

Another very important factor is that of column base plate sizes. It is essential to ensure that the plates can support the floor structure and the planned load, the machinery to be used on the floor, and the full compliment of people working on the floor. As is the case with any other structural changes to a building, you will need to get the required permission from the relevant authorities before floor installation can take place. Note that this is relevant if the floor space exceeds a specific surface area and is based on the usage of the floor space. It is also relevant for offices, as fire escapes must be provided.

With so many considerations to address, it is essential to make use of experienced and reputable steel manufacturers, engineers, and mezzanine floor installation companies. Avalon Steel Projects meets and exceeds the requirements. We invite you to discuss your particular floor space requirements with our consultants to ensure that you can install your mezzanine floor at an affordable rate.

We have a proven track record of successful mezzanine floor installations across South Africa and can assist, regardless of the size of the project.

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