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Opt for a Professionally Installed Mezzanine Floor with Avalon Steel Projects

If you need extra space, mezzanine floors could be the solution your business has been looking for.  If you have chosen to expand your business with a mezzanine floor, make sure it is installed correctly the first time round to ensure safety. While a mezzanine floor is fairly simple to install, it must be done correctly if you want to avoid potentially costly mishaps. Proper planning must be done and who better to help you than the experts in the field? With over 60 years of combined experience in the business, our team of professionals at Avalon Steel Projects can help you plan and install your new mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Flooring Can Save You Money (and Time)

There are many benefits to having a mezzanine floor installed. In fact, you probably know many of them already. For starters, when you choose a mezzanine floor, install it correctly, and make proper use of it, you will find that there’s very little reason for you to ever move to a new premise. The floor can serve as a storage space, an office space, or even as a manufacturing or production workspace.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we have helped hundreds of businesses properly prepare for the installation of a new mezzanine floor. One of the greatest benefits of working with our team is that we are experienced enough to know just how to install the flooring with minimal disruption to your work environment. Imagine being able to expand and grow your business without having to fork out thousands of rands to relocate and spend more on rent to secure a bigger building. Mezzanine floors have been making expansion and growth possible for many businesses for years. There is no reason why this product cannot help your business grow and expand too!

Ensure Your Mezzanine Floor is Correctly Installed

If you want professional help with your mezzanine floor, have it installed with the help of Avalon Steel Projects. In fact, we can take care of the entire project. Our team can visit your premises to measure the area, advise you on the best mezzanine flooring options, and also install the materials. Once it’s installed, we will check it meticulously as safety is a top priority for our team and you as a customer.

Check Out the Quality of Our Workmanship

To have a better idea of our skills and abilities, we welcome you to browse through our featured and completed projects made available on our website. We also welcome any questions regarding the flooring and can provide helpful advice so that you can make an educated and informed decision about the new level you want to install in your building. At Avalon Steel Projects, it’s not just about making a sale. It’s about ensuring that our customers are happy at the end of the day.

Get in Touch with Us Regarding Your Mezzanine Flooring

If you would like to learn more about our mezzanine flooring products and would like assistance with the installation process, simply get in touch with us. You can give us a call or send us an email. We are here to assist.

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