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5 Great Reasons Why You Might Want to Install a Mezzanine Floor at Your Gauteng Business Premises


Not many people consider a mezzanine floor when trying to increase the workspace in Gauteng. In fact, some might not have even heard of it before! When a business grows and expands in Gauteng, most people start hunting for bigger premises – and you know what that means? More money spent on a bigger space, the schlep of packing and moving, and the potential of customers and staff members being disgruntled with the new location. The concept of moving to a new location does not leave business owners and managers with a warm, fuzzy feeling, does it?

That is why installing a mezzanine floor is something to consider! But what is it? A mezzanine floor is a steel structure that is designed and installed to create an intermediate floor space between the main floor of the building and a high-roof. In the past, you would see these floors in more industrial type spaces and warehouses, but in modern times, they are also used to create a second level and bring a modern industrial appeal to any workspace – yes, offices too!

Not Sure About a Mezzanine Floor? We Will Give You five Reasons!

If you have not given it much thought before, here are five of our top reasons why you should be considering a mezzanine floor for your Gauteng business.

  1. More Space

This is probably the most important one. For those who have a growing business, space is important. You might be hiring new staff members, bringing in extra stock, or collecting extra essentials items of equipment. All of these things need space. With a mezzanine floor installed, you can store extra stock on it, create a comfortable extra office, store equipment, or even create a processing area. These floors are highly versatile.

  1. Low Cost

This too is a very important reason to invest in mezzanine flooring. A mezzanine floor will cost a lot less than a new, bigger, well-located premises in Gauteng. Now your business can expand and grow without incurring higher monthly costs. Simply pay once for your flooring and installation, and you can continue being highly productive.

  1. Non-Permanent

Committing to a new and more expensive premises comes with a long-term commitment attached. Often, commercial leases are as long as five years, and that is potentially not a commitment you want to make. A mezzanine floor can be installed at your premises non-permanently. This means that if you do eventually decide to move, you can dismantle the flooring and take it with you.

  1. Adds Value

If you are a landlord that owns and rents out business property, you stand to gain a lot in terms of property value. Without doing any major construction work or alterations, you can increase the space that your property offers. That means more interest from potential tenants, and maybe even a slightly higher rental income.  If you already have tenants, you could even get them to stay a little longer by satisfying their need for extra space with a mezzanine floor.

  1. Improve Staff Retention

Everyone knows that a happy, comfortable workforce is a productive and loyal one. If you want to keep your staff members happy and working hard, the workspace must be comfortable. If people are squashed into small spaces, chances are that they are going to start looking for work elsewhere. If they do not have a suitable breakaway area to relax, unwind, and socialise, it too could cause discontent. The good news is that a mezzanine floor can free up some space, so that work spaces are more comfortable, and you can even use a floor to create a separate staff break room that is away from the main work areas.

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