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Mezzanine Floor FAQs

Wondering if a mezzanine floor is the right choice for your needs? We have compiled a list of helpful FAQs to answer all those pressing questions you might have about a mezzanine floor.

Is There A Minimum Roof/Ceiling Height Requirement for A Mezzanine Floor Installation?

Mezzanine floors are designed to provide an extra level in buildings with high roofs. For open mezzanine flooring, there should be a 2.1 m clearance above the floor and a 2.1 m clearance below it (your roof/ceiling should be at least 4.2 m from the ground).

Are Building Permissions Required for Installing A Mezzanine Floor?

No, that is the great thing about a mezzanine floor! There is typically no formation permission required from building authorities. The only time planning permission may be required is when any major construction or external alterations have to be done to accommodate the floor.

Do I Need to Ask My Landlord for Permission to Install A Mezzanine Floor?

While the mezzanine floor is not a permanent fixture and imposes no major structural damage or changes to the building, it is always best to advise your landlord on your plans. All lease agreements are different, and you should check yours before going ahead with any changes to property.

What Weight Loading Limitations Does A Mezzanine Floor Have?

As the mezzanine flooring that we install is a steel structure, it can support most weight loads, from light office furniture and equipment to heavy industrial machinery. All floors are custom-designed and built to suit your specific needs and working environment.

Does It Take Long for The New Level to Be Installed?

Because of our experience in the industry, our teams work fairly fast to get your space accurately measured, and to get the steel structure fabricated, and then installed. The entire unit with all its components is manufactured and delivered as a kit to your premises. Our team will then quickly install it, without causing too much disruption to your daily operations. The entire process should not take more than a couple of weeks.

I Have Had My Mezzanine Floor Installed, But I Plan to Move to A New Location In A Few Months. What Now?

Another great perk of installing this type of non-permanent intermediate level is that you can have it dismantled and take it along with you to the next premises. This means that you do not lose your investment when you decide to move, and it can prove quite useful in a new building.

Will I Have to Install the Floor Myself?

No. A mezzanine floor should only be installed by a professional team that is skilled and trained in the process. Handling a self-installation could result in injury to people and damage to property. At Avalon Steel Projects, we can handle the quick and professional installation of your new level. Safety is a top-priority for our team.

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