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When we look at construction in South Africa, the picture is different to other countries. We use materials that are stronger overall to ensure longevity and strength against our unforgiving elements, leading to our houses being built with bricks, and our commercial buildings mostly using steel structures. Other factors also influence the way we go about construction, and it has been working well for decades on end.

When we turn our focus to the industrial sector, we find that South Africa has a particularly well-established industry, with certain towns being founded on the industrial activities of their regions. One thing that is evident is that the industries in our country always need more space. Therefore, they invest millions or rands in expanding and ensuring that their properties and work environments are adequate. Not all expansions have to be extensive; smaller expansions, like installing a steel mezzanine floor for a warehouse, can also make a big difference.

Less Can Be More

An industrial mezzanine floor almost always consists of a steel structure, with a simplistic layout to work well in a warehouse or factory setting. Due to high ceilings and wide open areas between outer walls, installing a new level in such an environment can be very beneficial. A steel mezzanine floor grants you access to previously unused building volume, creating a level that can be used for offices, storage, and workspace, depending on your wants and needs.

With little space needed below the newly installed steel structure to support it, you will not have to sacrifice large areas of your valuable floorspace to gain more. You can simply enjoy the benefits of having more room for your daily operations, ensuring that everything has enough functional space in your work environment.

A Semi-Permanent Solution

Most steel mezzanine floor structures will never be moved once installation is complete, simply because they offer a viable long-term solution to create more usable space. Luckily, as these floors are not permanent, they can be relocated or removed without hassle. Although a steel mezzanine floor is very strong and stable once installed, the fact that it can be removed makes it an even more versatile option for warehouses and factories that might undergo some changes in the future.

In short, a steel mezzanine floor delivers a simplistic solution to a space shortage, and can be relocated to another area, or removed completely if there is no need for the extra level anymore. If you are in need of more space in your work environment, the answer lies right here with Avalon Steel Projects. We can get rid of all your problems regarding space in your warehouse or factory, without having to compromise on the space you already have.

We offer some of the best mezzanine solutions in South Africa, and can expand your work environment with a new steel structure to serve as an in-between level to fulfil your need for more space. Contact us today, and take advantage of our years of experience and expertise when we install a strong and stable steel mezzanine floor to make your life easier and your workspace bigger.

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