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If you are working in the industrial sector, you will be used to large warehouse-like buildings, where the roof is lifted much higher than regular buildings to create the typical open, single-volume building design that maximises the use of space to ensure that every single inch can be utilised. Since the roof is lifted, these buildings have more than enough space to incorporate a mezzanine floor that sit between the roof and the floor and provide a whole extra level.

Usually, such a floor delivers even more unencumbered space than the floor underneath, offering an immediate benefit to take advantage of. As a result, such a warehouse-type building often incorporates a mezzanine floor for extra storage space, or that can be used for additional office space or even to expand current workspaces within a factory or workshop setting. The possibilities of mezzanine floor design and its uses are endless, and we will focus on their modern-day benefits.


Basic Mezzanine Floor Design

Various mezzanine floor designs have proven to be effective in certain buildings and for certain applications, with some of the popular choices being a level that uses a wall for its main support to minimise any compromise to the floor space directly beneath the newly installed level. The design of the mezzanine floor begins with a solid frame on which the level can be based, made of strong materials to ensure the stability and integrity before laying down the new floor.

Once the skeletal structure is in place, the new level can be installed, which usually consists of pressed wood or a similar type of material that can easily be fastened to the frame and removed once the level has served its purpose and is no longer needed. The design of a mezzanine floor is versatile in terms of its temporary nature, and the level can be relocated or completely removed, although its benefits may lead to such a level being installed permanently.


Basic Implementations

Now that your building incorporates a properly designed mezzanine floor that fits the building perfectly, what you want to use it for is entirely up to you. Within a factory, such a new level can be used for some much-needed storage space, or be used for office space, should the building be lacking in that specific aspect. Workshops can also take full advantage, with an easy expansion of workspace or simply for storing materials and increasing the original available floor space.

Within the commercial sector, shops and stores can also make use of a specifically designed mezzanine floor to increase shelf space, storage space, or office space. Arena-type buildings can utilise these new levels to increase the seating within the event venue for certain events, or create permanent balcony-type seating levels as well.

At Avalon Steel Projects, we can provide all types of solutions in terms of the design and installation of a mezzanine floor. For more information, feel free to browse our website for images and details or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Avalon today, and let us provide your building with some much-needed space for you to use as you wish.

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