How Can You Benefit From Mezzanine Floor Construction for Your Business Premises


Often businesses expand, production needs change, storage requirements expand, equipment increases, or additional staff members are hired, and this often means that premises with more space are required. The traditional solutions would include finding new premises and moving, building onto existing premises, or the purchasing/leasing of new premises. But there is a very creative and innovative way to deal with the challenges of increasing space requirements, and you would not even have to move! Many businesses across South Africa benefit from mezzanine floor construction every day, and here are some of the advantages you can expect when you install a mezzanine floor at your premises:

It is cost-effective: A mezzanine floor is basically a steel structure that is installed above the normal floor level. It is safe, strong, and can easily double the useable floor space of the building, depending on how big the floor is. Mezzanine floor construction is a lot cheaper than building construction, which means that it is a lot more cost-effective to have a mezzanine floor installed than to expand the building by constructing more buildings in the traditional manner.

Convenient: Everyone hates to move, and relocating your equipment, products, and staff to different premises is stressful, disruptive and expensive. Think about all those days of productivity that are lost during the move. It is inconvenient and expensive to move. Installing a mezzanine level will mean that you do not have to move to new premises, as your current premises is expanded virtually overnight. We take great care to design your mezzanine level off-site, and we install it during times that suit your operation, and with very little disruption to your normal day-to-day business operations. This means that it is vastly more convenient and much less stressful to deal with than a relocation – with the same results!

Quick: Need space in a hurry? Consider how long it will take to build new premises, to search for and lease additional space, or to look for a bigger building to move to. Mezzanine construction is quick and easy, and you will be able to increase your space much sooner than you think! The pre-constructed floor is installed by experts, which means it doesn’t take much time at all.

Increased value of the premises: Installing a mezzanine level means more space, and this increases the value of the building. If the building belongs to you, you can benefit from the extra value this will add to the building when you sell it.

Mobile: If you are leasing business premises and you decide to move, you are able to take your mezzanine floor with you! All we do is to disassemble it, transport it in kit form to your new premises and erect it again there. If you don’t need the floor immediately, you can store it for use until you do. It can be a great financial asset for the business.

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