Consider and Compare Mezzanine Floor Construction Details by Industry Leaders

If you are looking to maximise on the space that you have available then mezzanine flooring is certainly an option worth considering. What are mezzanine floors? This is a type of floor that is erected or installed in between two main floors or even between the roof and the floor of a building. These are the ultimate solution to those who want to increase their work space area or even storage space without committing to constructing an additional storey, room of floor to the building. While these are semi-permanent alterations only, it is best to obtain the full mezzanine floor construction details from your chosen builder or supplier before work actually begins. This will help you to better understand how much space you will have to work with, how the floor will be installed and how it will be removed in future if needs be.

At Avalon Steel Projects we make use of Stimber long span beams when creating a mezzanine level. We do this because of the following reasons:

  • These beams are of an excellent quality.
  • Very few vertical support beams will be required which means that there will be more clear room beneath the floor. This is perfectly in line with the maximising of space.
  • These beams are simple and quick to erect which means that the business daily tasks and functions will be affected for a minimal amount of time during construction.

The Avalon Steel Projects team has extensive experience in the industry and we are happy to oblige when advice, guidance and quotations are required. Our workmanship and service excellence are guaranteed and we make use of only the finest quality materials when involved in any construction and building for our clients.

We are experts in steel construction too and aim to provide our clients with fabrication services that can see the creation of anything from small warehouses to major, impressive structures. There are of course industry imposed regulations and standards that we acknowledge and work in strict accordance to, so you can expect the very best from us at all times.

If you would like to find out more about our services and take a closer look at the mezzanine floor construction details that we have in mind for you, then waste no time in contact us directly at Avalon Steel Projects. Our team looks forward to working closely on your alteration and construction tasks with you.

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