4 Advantages of Mezzanine Floor Construction

Are you looking for premises to expand your business? Do you have a child on the way and considering moving to a bigger house? Or, maybe you are a property owner looking for a good ROI. Instead of spending a fortune on any one of the above solutions, have you ever thought about installing a floating floor under your ceiling? Providing an intermediate floating floor between the main floors, mezzanine floor construction has become extremely popular over the past few decades, and it is easy to see why.

#1 Space Optimisation To increase the available space in your home or inside an office building, the possibilities mezzanine floors offer are virtually endless. Certainly not restricted to storage space, a mezzanine floor can be used for extra office space, a tea break floor, a production floor, a showroom in a retail environment, or a bedroom or office in a home.

#2 Mezzanine Floor Construction is Cost-Effective While there is little doubt that one of the major selling points of mezzanine floor construction is space optimisation, a mezzanine floor is also surprisingly cost-effective. When you think about the costs involved in moving to a bigger building or even adding additional brick-and-mortar buildings to your home, you will realise a mezzanine floor is a much cheaper option. Avoid the extra expenses of a move, of having an architect draw up plans and getting the planning permission from the municipality, and building materials and contractors; mezzanine floor construction provides the most cost-effective solution to expanding or relocating.

#3 An Adaptable, Durable and Safe StructureAn adaptable, durable, and safe method of construction, a mezzanine floor is a raised platform that is independent of a building structure and supported by high-quality steel frames. Fixed to the wall to give the impression that the floor is floating above the ground, the flexible design options mean these floors can withstand heavy loads. Designed to fit into almost any space, mezzanine floors are also removable and can be integrated and modified for re-use in other spaces without going through costly and time-consuming construction.

Increased value of the premises: Installing a mezzanine level means more space, and this increases the value of the building. If the building belongs to you, you can benefit from the extra value this will add to the building when you sell it.

#4 Increases Property Value A sought-after option to optimise space cost-effectively without requiring architectural planning and permission, mezzanine floor construction can add significant value to any business or residential property. Another way of increasing value is to construct shelving and knee railings, along with stairs, to give a modern, contemporary look to your space.

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