Mezzanine floor construction

Benefits of The Construction of a Mezzanine Floor

Various locations can benefit from adding a mezzanine level between the ground floor and roof of large-area buildings. These buildings can include storage facilities, warehouses, and galleries. If there is a need for extra space, the construction of a mezzanine level can be a workable solution. Avalon Steel Projects offers intermediate floor installation solutions that are semi-permanent. This means that the structure can be relocated, if needed. Many additional levels would require a myriad of vertical support beams to ensure stability. We take a different approach.

Our mezzanine structures are constructed with Stimber long-span beams to only use a minimal amount of existing space as support for the intermediate level. The required beams are reduced, which results in an efficient solution. This also decreases the erection speed, saving valuable time and reducing construction periods. Today, we will focus on how an intermediate level can work to the benefit of your facility. Though it seems like an industrial solution at first glance, these levels can be used for commercial and recreational buildings as well.

Optimising Space

Industrial buildings, such as warehouses and workshops would normally feature wide and open floors. Therefore, the roof of the building stands tall to optimise the space with less vertical support, if any. This blueprint offers a surmountable amount of space between the ground floor and roof. Constructing a mezzanine level in such a building adds a new floor. This extra space can be used for storage, offices, or increased workspace. The possibilities are endless, giving you the freedom to use them to the benefit of the business.

Similar buildings are also used for recreational purposes. With the wide and open plan, these buildings offer optimal seating areas for large crowds. Arenas and churches are prime examples of recreational buildings that can benefit from mezzanine level installations. By using our Stimber beams, we can minimise the amount of vertical support required to ensure the structural integrity of the additional level. Therefore, the ground-level seating will not be drastically disrupted by a space shortage. By adding a gallery or balcony, for these buildings, the extra space can serve as extra seating to accommodate more people.

Businesses that operate in warehouse-type buildings can also use these to their advantage. Many shop locations feature tall roofs, creating a voided space. This space can be filled with the construction of an intermediate floor. The extra space can serve as storage room for the shop. It can also become increased space to increase the number of shelves and products on display. In conclusion, these floors can be beneficial to a wide array of industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. By adding extra space that can be relocated at a later stage, businesses have the freedom to create useful space to optimise functionality.

Our experience and expertise in the field of intermediate level installations can work to the benefit of your business as well. For more info on adding extra levels in your workplace, please contact us with any enquiries. Start using wasted space to your benefit today.

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