Your Answer to Mezzanine Floor Installations


Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent structures that are designed to increase the available floorspace within an industrial building, such as a warehouse or manufacturing plant. This solution can also be applied to large retailers and workshops for more overall space. The biggest challenge for a business that operates within a cramped building is to find a suitable solution that will benefit the business, as opposed to pulling the roots out of the ground and relocating completely. This is where our solutions come into play.


Most industrial buildings feature open floor plans that require tall roof structures to avoid the use of any vertical support. Therefore, the floor is clear of any obstructions, making the facility ideal for forklifts and other vehicles to operate indoors. Mezzanine floors are ideal for such a building. They can be installed as separate areas on the interior sides of the building. They can also be installed to deliver an entirely new floor for the building. Since these structures pivot mostly from the walls of the building, the obstructions underneath the semi-permanent structure are kept to a minimum, if required at all.


The Benefits of Mezzanine Floors


The function of a mezzanine floor is to extend the available floorspace within your facility. Therefore, the sky is the limit regarding how you want to use to extra space. In some situations, a storage facility would use the space for extra storage areas. It can also be used to create offices or extend the workspace within a workshop or manufacturing plant. The best part is that the structure is semi-permanent, which means that it can be removed once it has served its purpose. Much like a drywall, an intermediate level is installed for its temporary functionality.


Some industrial buildings have low roofs due to the specific design of the building. Warehouse building roofs are commonly steel structures that are designed to rest on the walls of the structure as opposed to relying on vertical support from the centre of the structure. We specialise in steel structures as well, giving us the means to lift the roof on such a building and extend the vertical area. With a larger gap between the roof and the floor of your facility, a mezzanine level can be installed more easily. This results in a large gain of available space and avoids any relocation based on increasing the available space in your facility.


Floorspace is a decisive factor when looking at warehouse facilities for your business. The more available space in such a building, the more efficiently it can operate. However, this factor will also directly impact the price for hiring a larger facility. Therefore, if you already have a building, we can extend the available space at a fraction of the costs and logistics behind relocating such a facility. Our mezzanine floors can be a cost-efficient method of extending the available space in such a building, even if it has a low roof.


Avalon Steel Projects is your answer to increasing the available space in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or large retailer. We specialise in mezzanine floor installations, roof lifting, and steel structure solutions. For more info, please peruse our website for details on how we can take your business to the next level.

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