Get More Space and Save Costs by Installing Mezzanine Flooring at Your Business Premises


Space is in high demand by many businesses these days. There is nothing worse than a work space that is becoming cramped, especially if you do not have the budget to move to more expansive business premises, or the space to expand. For many companies, moving premises when the business grows is simply not a viable option. If your business is growing and you are finding that office and storage space are becoming tight, it might be time to add something extra to your work premises. While construction and expansion can be costly and disruptive to the business, there is an alternative that is actually fairly easy to erect and will provide you with much-needed additional space. We are talking about mezzanine flooring.

If you are not sure what mezzanine flooring is, we would love to explain. Mezzanine floors provide the ultimate space-creating solution to those who are quickly running out of it. A mezzanine floor is an additional floor or level that is designed and installed between two already-existing floors or between an existing floor and ceiling. The extra floor can provide additional storage space, office space, or sorting areas. In fact, it can be used for just about anything.

Of course, a mezzanine floor cannot be installed by just anyone as the end result needs to be stable and secure. If you are considering making a DIY project out of this or if you are considering hiring casual labour to erect the structure, think again. The space needs to be properly analysed and the floor inserted needs to be of the precise size and correctly installed to ensure absolute safety and stability. It is highly recommended that you only entrust your flooring installation to a professional team.

Where can you go to get mezzanine flooring of a high quality and a competitive price? The answer is: Right here. At Avalon Steel, we specialise in the design and installation of mezzanine flooring. To ensure that there is no compromise to the structure’s stability and strength, we make use of the best quality materials and first ensure that the structure already in place can support the alteration without any safety risk.

While some products might rot, warp, or show wear and tear, our product does not. We make use of a highly durable steel product called Stimber. This product is tough, yet lightweight, which is highly beneficial to the building owner and easier on the building. The product has a lattice design, which provides it with additional strength and also ensures that minimal vertical supports are required to stabilise the structure.

These alterations are most often ideal for renters and building owners, as they are not permanent. The floor can be installed now and removed later without compromising the integrity or damaging the building structure itself. Gone are the days where renting a building limited your growth options.

If you are interested to expand your business space without exhausting your overheads, mezzanine flooring is the way to go. To receive a quotation or to learn more about the product itself, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Avalon Steel. Simply send us an email or give us a call today!

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