What You Need to Know About Installing Mezzanine Floors


Industrial businesses use large facilities with wide and open floors to conduct their business. In most situations, the abundant amount of space is used for storage purposes or manufacturing. Specific retailers also use these types of buildings to operate out of, with a good example being vehicle fitment centres. These businesses need room for various vehicles to be parked and worked on, which is also the case for many repair shops. The point is that available space will always be a determining factor for such businesses and facilities. If you are running out of available space, you might want to consider installing a mezzanine level in your building.


Buildings that have large gaps between the ground level and roof of the building, which is commonly the case in industrial facilities, are ideal for mezzanine floor installations. This structure will create more space that can be used to the benefit of your business. Whether you need more storage space, more workspace, or offices in your building, this is the solution to take your facility to the next level. If there is not any room, we also offer our roof-lifting services for warehouse-type buildings.


Creating the Space that You Need


Countless instances attest to the lack of space within an industrial building or large retailer. This becomes prominent when products are simply stashed in the open as opposed to stored properly. To address this problem, we offer mezzanine floor installations that can create more room within buildings with tall roofs. The idea behind having a tall roof is to limit or eliminate the use of vertical support that could compromise the open design of the building. We can use this vertical open space to create more room for such a facility.


A mezzanine floor can be installed onto an open wall off which it will pivot. Such a structure is a feasible semi-permanent solution that will deliver much-needed storage space. This structure can also be installed to cover a larger area and can create a whole new level in such a building. Therefore, it is a feasible option for businesses that struggle with space in their industrial facilities or retail outlets. Although most buildings that are hired by a business do not allow for permanent changes to the building, this solution is completely semi-permanent in nature.


As with installing a drywall, a mezzanine floor can simply be removed once it has served its purpose. It can also be relocated to another area in the building for a more efficient solution. The created space can be used in any way you see fit for your facility. If you need some office space or extra storage space, this type of structure is the perfect solution. If you do not have a lot of vertical space within an industrial facility, we can deliver roof-lifting solutions as well to create vertical space.


Avalon Steel Projects is your first choice for installing mezzanine floors in your industrial facility. For more info on how we can optimise the available space for your facility, please peruse our website for details on our available solutions. Optimise your available space today with us by your side.

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