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How Roof Lifting Helps to Increase Floor Space

Roof lifting is a process whereby it is possible to increase the floor to roof height. Instead of relocating to another building because you need more space for your business operations, you use this method to get more vertical space. This enables the installation of a mezzanine. You can thus add an entire storey without the expense associated with roof removal and building another floor.

Relocating business operations may not be an option because of the expenses associated with it. Indeed, it may be more cost-effective to increase height and to add the semi-permanent mezzanine structure.

Let’s Consider 12 Benefits and Possibilities of This Process:

  • Convert an old or less modern building with a low ceiling into a modern space with a higher ceiling and extra space. This makes it possible to optimise cubic space usage.
  • Instead of having to relocate, you can keep your operations at the current building, thereby saving the money associated with getting a new physical address.
  • The lifting and mezzanine construction processes are faster than conventional construction methods for getting more horizontal and vertical space.
  • Eliminate the need to buy or rent more properties that must be maintained and on which expenses such as rates, utilities, insurance, security, bond costs, or rental must be paid.
  • With the process, you increase building capacity without increasing your firm’s space footprint. As such, it is a more sustainable way of increasing cubic space.
  • Reduce and eliminate many of the development expenses by not having to deal with zoning limitations and taxes associated with the purchasing of more real estate.
  • The lifting and mezzanine construction processes are faster than conventional building operations in addition to having less of a disruption effect than conventional construction.
  • Convert one type of space into another, such as changing a warehouse area into office space or retail showroom space.
  • The current roof structure and frame systems are used, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of expansion.
  • Increase the building ceiling height and thereby make the property more attractive for potential warehouse tenants.
  • Lifting the top structure can be done at a fraction of the cost associated with the construction of a new one.
  • Create a property with a higher floor to ceiling height as such spaces achieve higher per square metre rental prices.

Indeed, tenants of the future want higher spaces because of the increasing pressure to keep operations sustainable. In an attempt to limit urban sprawl, more and more industrial properties will be used to increase cubic space through vertical space usage instead of building more structures on vacant land.

Our Solutions

We have developed a lifting system that entails jacking up of the roof structure to increase floor to ceiling height sufficiently to allow for the addition of a mezzanine level. This is done without dismantling the roof. We can do this for factories, warehouses, malls, and more. Our sophisticated techniques and technologies enable us to complete the project fast and at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional building.

An example of a successful project is Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria where 2 600 m2 of the mall’s roof was lifted by 3,8 metres for the addition of an office level. The entire project was completed within only five weeks. View our other projects and get in touch to discuss your particular structure lifting needs.

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