Ideas for mezzanine levels

4 Ideas for a Mezzanine Level


Mezzanine flooring levels have grown in popularity over the years. They have become a prevalent choice for any business owner who wants extra space but who does not want the hassle and expense of having to move buildings. The best thing about mezzanine flooring solutions is their semi-permanence. These intermediate flooring levels enable you to make the most of unused, vertical space and can be dismantled at the drop of a hat.

They thus work well for business owners who are renting premises since they will not make any permanent or structural changes to the building and can be quickly taken down if the business has to move. Added to this is the fact that they could then be installed in the new premises, albeit with a few modifications and changes.

If your business space is in need of some additional space or you simply want to upgrade the area and add some exciting features to the mix, a mezzanine level might be precisely what you need. Here are a few ideas when it comes to mezzanine levels and their varying uses:

  • Housing Hot Desks for a Co-Working Space: Co-working spaces are all the rage these days, especially as many offices are encouraging employees to work remotely if possible. However, not everyone is able to work from home, especially if they have an unstable Internet connection, children running around, or noisy housemates. Thus, many are making use of co-workspaces. A mezzanine level could efficiently be utilised as a large office space where people can rent hot desks and access a stable Internet connection, a coffee station, and the comradery of a communal work area. This is a great way to boost income and make the most of unused space.
  • A Chillout Zone for Employees: One of the surest ways to ensure business success is to treat your employees with respect and ensure that they are happy. Show them that they are valued by creating fun spaces for them. A mezzanine level could easily be transformed into a chillout zone for lunchtimes. This incentive shows staff that you care about their wellbeing, and in turn, they are bound to give your company even more.
  • A Café for Clients and Guests: A café is a great way to create some bustle in your business. It is also a brilliant place to host meetings and ensure more foot traffic into your business. A mezzanine level offers the perfect platform for such a project.
  • A Boardroom for Those All-Important Meetings: Every successful business needs a private space where the magic happens. A mezzanine level could offer a secure and confidential boardroom space for all those important meetings and contracts.

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