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You have probably heard the term “mezzanine floors” before, but what does it really mean and how do they work? These floors are intermediate levels and are often installed in buildings that have double-height ceilings and ample vertical space. These structures are semi-permanent in nature and can thus be quickly installed and dismantled if and when needed. The term comes from the Italian “mezzanine” and these structures were popular in Italy and France in days gone by. Traditionally, a mezzanine floor did not completely cover the floor below it and thus you could see below when standing at the edge of the mezzanine, however styles and structures change accordingly to preferences and various building regulations at a particular premises.

Mezzanine floors are a popular pick in many offices, factories, and places of work. They enable extra space with minimal disruption to daily work or the premises at large. Mezzanine floors can be utilised for a number of things. Examples might include:

  • Extra office space
  • A file storage area
  • Communal area for staff
  • Kitchen area
  • Presentation room or boardroom
  • Coffee shop
  • Extra storage space
  • Printing room

The uses for such a flooring solution are thus ample and whatever your intended use is, one thing is for sure: mezzanine floors are a much cheaper solution than moving premises. Moves are costly, in terms of deposits and transportation fees. Add the disruption or closure of your business to the mix and you have a recipe for lost profits. That is when mezzanine flooring is a useful option. It enhances your space while enabling work to continue. In fact, some of our most successful operations have been done over weekends to ensure minimal disruption. This means that work can return to usual in no time and your employees can soon enjoy the extra space that this additional level offers. Benefits thus include:

  • Offers additional space effortlessly
  • No moving fees required, as it will enhance existing premises
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Installation will not disrupt business operations extensively and can be done over a weekend if needed.

Avalon Steel Project – Steel Solutions that Last

With over 60 years of collective experience to our name, we are a key player in the steel structure industry. We strive to offer our clients outstanding service, quality work, and durable structures that are built to last and stand the test of time. If you are considering enhancing your existing space, then it is certainly time to get in touch with us.

We use Stimber long-span beams and this gives you even more space as fewer vertical support structures are needed. You can easily explore our featured projects for yourself and see the impressive work that we do. We also offer steel structures and roof lifting and are always available to chat with you or offer a quote. Give us a call on 082 561 4629 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you and chatting about mezzanine floors and more.

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Why get a Mezzanine as a Space Solution?

Mezzanines are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces to create additional usable floor area without the need for a full-scale expansion or construction of a new building.

Key Points on Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor, also known as an intermediate floor or a raised platform, is a semi-permanent structure that creates an additional level between the existing floor and the ceiling of a building

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Avalon Steel projects is a frontrunner in the mezzanine industry. We believe that we can equip you with a floor space like never before, you will have extra space to use as storage, office, or retail space.

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What is a mezzanine floor?

This is a free-standing structure that is made from steel. The purpose of a mezzanine is to act as an intermediate floor between the base and the ceiling of a building. In particular, this usually covers one specific area of a building or warehouse rather than the...
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